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09 December 2010



I was waiting for this! I wonder what's gig on at New Birth right now. I sincerely hope they aren't so stupid as to ignore this! A settlement says guilt. At least one of the boys has already made a statement that he won't accept a settlement and he wants his day in court.


Being that the charges against him are coercion, his best defense is to prove that these were consensual relationships... Oops! That's not going to fly! Oh well, better settle!


Well, how you durin'? This is the type of case where either you did it or not. If you didn't do ANYTHING, then you should not be concerned with any details coming out, because you could back them up with sound facts. However, since you already admitted publicly that you took these boys all over the country and gave them gifts and slept in the same room (and others found hotel records of there being a king sized bed in the rooms only)and such with them, then this is indeed acase of where there is smoke there is fire.


@ Trey

They are most definitely DUMB ENOUGH to ignore it and most likely WILL! MINDLESS SHEEP!


Taylor Siluwé

By opting for "mediation" over having his day in court - like he originally claimed to want (while equating himself with David up against Goliath) - Eddie Long is desperately trying to maintain his multi-million dollar Jesus Pimpin' empire by avoiding a trial where ALL his sexual proclivities and dirty drawers will be exposed to the world.

What happened to those "five stones" he was gon' throw to prove his innocence?

It seems those stones were as mythical and illusive as his heterosexuality.

Let the church say "Amen".....


@Isis Settlement does not=guilt, but!!!!! yeah he did it !!!!, because for all his screaming he wants his day in court.. He can't possibly allow for his Hidden DL,Closeted,Child Molesting Lifestyle to come out.. The only injustice is that he is not criminally charged...Damn. He's Done...


Take him Down. I certainly don't believe Mediation is an admission of guilt because I still don't believe Michael Jackson was guilty but the damage Eddie Long has inflicted on the LGBT community needs to be stopped NOW


Point well taken guys! Perhaps I should have said "IN THIS CASE" Settlement = Guilt! I know there are other cases where settlement is simply the best option for all involved.

Mea Culpa


@Taylor...couldn't have said it better myself...enuff said, Let the church say, "Amen"

Mel Smith

All the blind and phony homophobes will remain the same.

Rod, I love you man. You told us a week ago how this case will likely end.


This is *exactly* what I predicted!! He had one thing to say one day when the cameras were rolling, but he wants to protect his money and make this go away. Everything he said about "fighting" was a buch of mess as he looked to find a way to keep this hush-hush. He knew his business would be in the street and he couldn't let that happen. I guess he has decided to throw down the five rocks he claimed to have...

The sad truth is that his "followers" will blindly accept this and whatever spin he chooses to put on this. If they had any sense at all they would see that he never had any intention to fight-- he simply planned to use *their* money to make this go away. Who is the bigger fool here? I can't tell...


I am happy they exposed him and I wish the other Hippocrates get theirs as well. So many in the church say Homosexuality is a sin and be the main ones engaging. It's one thing to engage but to engage and shame is the worst. I hope all the boys in this case make the bishop feel the pain of betrayal he exposed them to as well. Now what are the nay Sayers in his church gonna say about him wanting mediation.?!


Please! He is as guilty as sin! That sickening NBA rally style speech he gave in front of that congregation was absolutely sickening and their cheering was totally disgusting.

Maria Antonia

This man is down low he is gay and Need to stop talk bad about gays.
I can't believe. He doesn't believe in God.

Tia Maria

It looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck....oh hang on...it's Eddie Long! Take him down.The guy represents everything that is vile about organised religion.


Sigh. . .


Trey said, “I sincerely hope they aren’t so stupid as to ignore this!

Then Isis said, “They are most definitely DUMB ENOUGH to ignore it.”

I agree with Isis that Bishop Long’s congregation will ignore this, and that Trey has no reason to hope. But I do not agree with Isis that Long’s congregation is dumb or stupid.

Bishop Long’s congregants have psychological needs. As all evangelical superstars do, the bishop buys his mansions, his Bentleys, and his Rolexes by preying off of those psychological needs. (That’s why “preying” is pronounced just like “praying.”) It does not serve his congregants’ needs for them to acknowledge the truth—not about their bishop, or about almost anything else.

In this, Bishop Long’s congregants are just like most Americans. But that doesn’t mean they are stupid.


Well, well, well. It looks like Mr. Daddy Long Bone might just have to stop "laying hands" on the little boys in the church. *side eye*


An overwhelming majority of cases are settled out of court. Why should this one be any different? By settling, I am sure a don't run your damn mouth clause will be inserted which will deprive of us the salacious details of what went down. Who will be bold enough to admit, with me, that that is what we want?

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