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01 December 2010



You know nobody has yet to explain to me how he can run the Megachurch and be a politician ????!!!!!


That's a good question Noirbear2.


@Noirbear2 inside political deals. Some "higher-up" looked out for him. That's how and it's unfortunate.

Meeks also just made a complete fool of himself with this "no" vote. Not long ago, didn't he just reach out to the LGBT community to try and explain himself? Now he's gonna slap us in the face. I hope he loses horribly!

Greg G

Where is church queen, closet case Terrell, to argue this was Rev. Meeks' 'right' ... and Meeks has a 'right' to argue that gays and lesbians don't deserve 'rights' and our rights should be put to a referendum.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris comes out today and says she won't put anyone's rights to a vote and won't defend Prop 8. Of course, closet case Terrell wants to troll about the 'one drop rule' and ask if Kamala biracial, Blasian or Black.


South Side

Meeks is on the downlow. Trust.

It is well known in Roseland that he fools around and was kicking it with some dudes on the praise team.

Taylor Siluwé

South Side it does make sense in the terms of 'the squeaky wheel getting the most grease' (or lube) and all that.

But if it's well known in Roseland, I bet a Youtube confession from an ex-member of the praise team would really make the Meeks' day.

Somebody needs to give Raz B a run for his money and run this idiot out of politics and the church.

And good riddance to bad trash.

Chitown Kev

@South Side

Yeah, Brother Ricky Hendon made an allusion to that in his "sermon" when he referred to "down low brothas" in his speech (and I just know that Rod is gonna give us that video later, right Rod? lol)

Seriously, if y'all like some good down home feet stompin' SANCTIFIED church PREACHING, go listen to Hendon's speech...


Rod you said it BEST: "Of course. Just like other votes of this 'much magnitude'—such as your right to vote, own property, get married or serve in the state senate—were put to popular referendum."


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