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24 December 2010


True Words



i love miss carla. hootie hoo!


I was so torn watching this episode. I love me some Tre, but I have always been a fan of Carla. i was glad that Carla won. I love how she is such a real person.

I don't know why Tre would let Angelo help him on his dish. Everyone knows that Angelo tries to sabotage the competition. He did it last season with the cute bald black bear guy.


Im very happy for Carla, she has beautiful spirt that really comes through when she is on the show. I would personally love to see Carla, Tre and Dale make it to the top three (Love Tiffany from Texas as well...but she doesnt seem to be all that into this time around, perhaps because her season recently finished).

And yes Jamie needs to get the BOOT!!

Georgia Peach

Quest and Butchie:

My top four are Carla, Tre, Dale and Blais. Carla's spirit is so beautiful and loving. I liked Tiffany Derry in S7 but she really doesn't seem like she is bringing it. And Miss Angelo is a snake honey, a snake.

And supposed to be straight? Oh gurlll ...

And Miss Jamie needs to SCRAM!

Georgia Peach

BTW, is anyone else noticing that redhead Tiffany Faison from season 1 is a lot nicer? She was such a beoytch the first time around but obviously saw how she came across on tv.

I was only so-so about Antonia in season 4 but she did get to the finale. Antonia is doing well this time, but I am still all about Carla, Tre, Dale and Richard B.


I loooooooove Carla, and i wish she would've won her season, but hopefully she can take this season. I'm also rooting for Tiffany, but she needs to get herself together and show the judges what she's got!

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