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20 December 2010



That is a smart chile!!!! That is the way to do this. I can't believe it took so long for the info about no jewelry being taken. Of course that would have really clarified what was going on even quicker.

Long is afraid litigation is also known as titilation. The details are very titlilating. He is soooo afraid of any of that getting out!!! I hope it comes out anyway!!! Serves him right.


The problem is that you can't get obtain evidence by illegal means... now with civil cases I don't know how that plays out...but best of luck to them boys

Former COGIC

@ Nicholas: You're thinking of police in a criminal case. If there were photos or videos of the Bishop 'long stroking', something tells me he would rather settle than have those surface lol


If some rich gay angels (or organizations) were smart, they would offer the four men who are bringing these lawsuits money in exchange for their not settling out of court with Eddie Long. (This is assuming, of course, that the four have a good case.)

I think making an example of Eddie Long would be worth some money.

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