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02 December 2010




I love hearing voices that are willing to CRY LOUD AND SPARE NO ONE!!!!!

WORK...COME ON BROTHER!!!! I love this dude!

"The Hypocrisy Dripping In This Chamber Tonight!" I cannot believe that statement...FIYAH! WOW.

"Let's not play the games!!!"

"Saved and sanctified and dipped in the holy water when I was 12!" MY GOD!

This dude needs to take it on the road!


I love a politician who will actually stand up for what's right! They normally call guys like him and Grayson (FL) activists, but shouldn't all politicians be "activists" instead of not voting for what's right in an effort to play politics?

Baltimore Femme

**waving church fan**

Preach brotha preach!

Chitown Kev

"Saved and sanctified and dipped in the holy water when I was 12!"

Yeah, RevKev, I had to give a "say THAT" when I heard that line.

Gave a "say THAT" again when he talked about the hypocrites and the down low brothas...

Gave a "say THAT" AGAIN (you don't HEAH me!) when he talked about the one who had the unmitigated gall to invoke MLK but wouldn't give King a "drank o' water."

**raises and WAVES my HANDS**


Wow...and the church said, amen...I love this statement.."The Hypocrisy Dripping In This Chamber Tonight!"


Wow, I am inspired to cut through some of the bs today at work. Right is just right!


This atheist says 'preach'!


Ok. That just gave me great joy. I mean REAL JOY! There are some men who still have the courage of their conviction and common sense.


A Straight Politican with conviction of courage. who da thunk it!LOL


Bravo Sen Hendon!

Okay Chicagoans - who was he calling out?:)


Tell it!! Tell it!!!

LaVance Lining

Why can't same sex couples just 'shack-up' and get common law status like everyone else?! :-)


Bad cameraman...bad. When he said "down low brothers," you were supposed to pan out and zero in on whoever was fumbling in their seat and looking nervous.

Honut Sinti

Back snap. Forward twirl. Allright.

Sanford Smith

LOVED this! WOW and DOUBLE WOW!!! Talk about preaching the Gospel... Tis the Season and Doing the RIGHT thing is Reason! WERQ!!! Everyone.... RePost this to your Facebook! Make a difference!

Mr Wesley

wow all that think doing what GOD does not tollerate, may you all ask forgiveness and fast rigouriously for you will not be with the sheep, but cast with the goats on that day of judgement.

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