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02 December 2010


Distant Lover

God Bless You Janet!!!


This is why I am a TRUE Janet fan...can't wait for the 2011 WORLD TOUR!!


I a withca Black! Jan stays true!


"It gets better?" Really? Maybe one day, they, too, can star in a movie written and directed by a dsugruntled queen who helps perpetuate the stereotype of black men as DL HIV spreaders!

If she's such a friend of the community, why didn't she protest toilet paper's portrayal of her hubby in For Colored Girls?


@ oldbeep: You may be on to something there.... I didn't think about it like that-- But all the same, she did show in her character how the DL brothers can hurt others when keeping who they really are their "dirty little secret".

I'm not saying you have to march in the gay parades, but be TRUE to yourself and others enough not to bash others for them being their true selves, or have a relationship or family with the opposite gender if that is not who you really want to be with.

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