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19 December 2010



Amen! Each and every time!


I love these guys, so sexay!

Liberator Émigré Éire

"Aston's technique and stroking is fabulous."

Well, he's had a lot of practice, being the bottom slut for the rest of the gang...


Sugah please! Aston is probably a raging top! The lil skinny ones are always hung!


The jokes right themselves...


Im still trying to understand the fascination with JLS..

Liberator Émigré Éire

@Quest: You'll find your answer in people's similar fascination for highly processed, high sugar, manufactured foodstuffs. You know it's bad for you, but it tastes so damn good. Which is probably what Aston says after a bukkake session, although maybe Sugah is right - I can see Marvin fulfilling that role.

Actually, Aston and Marvin live together, so they're probably sistas, which makes JB and Ortise the men of the family...


We all have our crushes! Rod clearly has one with these guys. I admit I never heard of them til reading this blog. Who doesn't like a little eye candy from time to time. I am waiting for an article on that hottie Steph Jones! (hint, hint)

chris w.

This is so funny.....can't stop laughing at his reaction.


Miguel, you must be brand new to this blog. There was a huge interview with and several articles about Steph Jones, just check the Steph Jones archive.

Some of the JLS comments always borderline on the clueless. I dont think Rod has a crush on JLS, they are black and gay friendly so they're good for the blog. They are very few male black American recording artists that ever do anything gay friendly. And Rod doesn't bite other gay black blogs and waste his time on Usher and other artists that diss gay men.

As far as never hearing about JLS until reading this blog, duh, that goes for a lot of models, sports stars, news events, hate crimes, etc. I think that's why we come here, to discover new things.


What a turn on seeing that big cucumber sitting in front of Aston. Take a look at 1:03 when he licks his lips. Knows how to play to his gay fans. And oh when he puts his hand on it. Luv it!


Hilarious - and something that I doubt anyone on American TV would try to get away with.

Ryan Shoore

Aston is a bottom. It is all in here:

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