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27 December 2010



So touching...!


Apologies in advance if my rant comes off as insensitive, but it's heartfelt. Eff this video.

I'm tired of posthumous accolades and estranged acquaintances popping up at funerals to say kind words. Why do people have to die to be acknowledged? Teena housed you, fed you, made you who you are today, yet you've never talked much about it before and have been out of contact for the last few years. WTF?!

I'm sure there are reasons why busy musicians lose touch, but I would hope that videos like these prompt more of us, celebrity or not, to stay in touch and thank the people who have done for us while they are alive to hear it.

That said, and my previous expletive apologized for - thanks Lenny for sharing that, and Rod for posting it too.


@ procrastination, I’m not sure what you got from this video but it seems to me to be a sincere and heartfelt response from someone upon hearing of the death of a friend. Nowhere in the video did he say he never let Teena know what she did for him and what she meant to him. Just because he hasn’t spoken publicly about what she did for him doesn’t mean he hadn’t let her know personally. Things happen in life and we don’t always stay in touch as much as we should but that doesn’t mean those we love are unaware of it.


The impact that this woman had on all of us who see lyrics as poetry set to music can not be measured. Her words.. My God, her words...and all the memories.. Thank you Wild and Peaceful Lady Teena..


“I need some magic words while I’m alone
I’m feeling like a saxophone”

Rest in Peace Lady Tee

Didtant Lover

I agree with the poster that replied to Procrastination.
Human beings have the habit of taking those who are near and dear to us for granted and the finality of death makes us regret this and makes us wish that we could have said one last thing to our dearly departed to let them know what they meant to us. I have a feeling that Lady T saw Lenny Kravitz success as a musician and knew that she had made a significant contribution to that success. I am also certain that Mr. Kravitz saw Lady T at industry events and may have made his heartfelt acjnowledgements of thanks to her then. If not, I appreciate that he is paying tribute to her now. Instead of damning people for words left unsaid until the final hour has arrived. Let all of us who loved Lady T's music, grieve for the tremendous loss that we have suffered and pray for those that she left behind who will miss her terribly.


I feel that Lenny was heartbroken to hear about his friend and although we never knew of the kind things she did for him, does not make it wrong to tell us now. We all are guilty of this because who really knows when our final time on earth will be. I am so sad to hear about Teena passing and I really love her music. I can remember asking my cuz who is a DJ to play her song Behind the Groove for me at a family cookout and he dedicated the song to me on the mic. Now I have not spoken to my big cuz in years and this news made me think of him. We have not had any bad words or nothing negative but our lives are just being lived in different cities and I would love to let him know how happy he made me that day when he played some Teena Marie just for me. You don't think of things like that until something sad happens so I can really understand and feel the pain in Lenny's message. Thanks for sharing this with us ROD...and I need to contact my big cuz and see how he is doing these days. WAY OVERDUE!!


We need to say to people of worth in our lives how much they mean to us while they are here and alive. They need to hear it. Life has no guarantees for all of us. One minuet we are here and the next minuet we could be gone. What good is it when the person is dead and can no longer hear us say those words? I have made the mistake of not saying to a mentor how much she meant to me when she was alive and when she died, it dawn on me "what a big mistake!" Till this day I regret not saying how much I valued and appreciated her to her face. Lenny is one of my favorite artist. I think he is super sexy and brilliant. I guess this is his way of grieving... No one should hold it against him. So leave him be.


@Procrastination: WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THAT BECAUSE WE DIDN'T KNOW IT, SHE DIDN'T KNOW IT?! I am sure that they have had plenty of time (he was 16 when she housed him) to share love and grace, time and gratitude! I am sure that she knew he appreciated her and he likely said it in ways (and with gifts) that we will (AND NEVER SHOULD) know about!!!

I am so tired of people thinking that WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW! This isn't the INFORMATION ACT! It's people's lives and if Lenny and Teena Marie had a private connection that they shared and he found out about her death because he was 1,000s of miles away and wanted to share the story with US, then I'm blessed that he's shared the story! The truth is MANY BLACK PEOPLE WOULDN'T HAVE HEARD IT FROM LENNY because we don't know his story or support his music in general. He had paid homage to many R&B superstars who support him but you have to follow him to know that.

Again, I appreciated the heart of a grown man speaking for the 16 year old him, saying publicly what I am sure he said privately long ago: THANK YOU FOR YOUR GIFTS, YOUR HEART AND YOUR ART, TEENA MARIE!



You're right, just because he's saying it now, doesn't mean he's never said it before to her privately. He very well may have, though wayyy more often than not it's the case that the mourner neglected to say how they felt before their loved ones passing.
Again, I may be wrong to have accused him of that, (I may also be right, and so what, he's only human.)

The lack of black people following Lenny's life and music is neither here nor there in the conversation, unless you're assuming I'm one of them, which is incorrect.

The take home message of my rant is to encourage people not to become one of those who wait until their loved one is dead to thank or acknowledge them. Again, sorry if I was a little much - my name is "xtravaganza" after-all. It seems my point came across to many, it's less about Lenny in particular and more about what you can learn from the situation and apply to your own life.

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