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22 December 2010



So because Idris is black he can't play a greek god? Alright fine white people can't play jewish jesus

Derrick from Philly

How many times has Hollywood presented ancient Egyptians as white. They had Charlton Heston play Moses when the real Moses probably looked more like Moses Gunn. And as much as I adored Gina Lolabrigita--she wasn't no damned Queen of Sheba.

I did like sexy Yul Brenner as Pharaoh though...'course they darkened him a little.


so angelina jolie and liz taylor can play cleopatra but a black man cant play a mythical god? those crackers are on some bs ...


These people have really lost any signs of good sense they may have possibly had. Hollywood has constantly whitewashed fictional & non-fictional characters to make them presentable for white audiences. Marvel and comics in general have a history of showing different depictions of characters in different forms ex. white & later black versions of Catwoman, Green Lantern, Punisher, Sue Storm of the Fantastic Four going solo temp. to take over Black Panthers duties including wearing a version of his uniform, Storm & Black Panther joining Fantastic Four shortly after the series Civil War.

I think they should really make these racist go crazy and make a Latina version of Wonderwoman (Rosaria Dawson could def fill out that outfit) and a sexy re-vamp of Superman with Henry Simmons taking over that role (we all know the latest white version didnt know what to do with it)


I don't even know what a Thor is, but I am going to encourage everyone I know to see this film. I agree with the comments above.


I'm going opening weekend and I'm taking a friend.


And does anybody remember John Wayne as Genghis Khan? And in ancient Greek theater, all roles male and female were played by men. How many white people have played Black, Asian, Indian, and other ethnicities in numerous movie roles? White people crack me up sometimes.


They were not outraged when Cleopatra was played by Elizabeth Taylor and she was not a fictional character. I can't wait to see the movie and Idris Elba is an Actor as well as a Hip Hop DJ and a damn good one at that... so the BLACK MAN IS STILL FEARED after all these years of Jim Crow. Wow so ignorant! RACISTS!!


@Deon, i laughed so hard i fell off da love seat..Crackers LOL, I for one can't wait to see Thor, it is going to be epic!!!


God, those people make it hard for me to be white.


If you haven't you might want to go over to imdb.com and check out the trailer. This is going to be a good one.

Didtant Lover

Amen to all of the above.
You know I was hoping that these crackabastards would die out but they are breeding like cockroaches and they won't change! They have an 16th century mentality in the 21st century!

Ull, Son of Thor

Grandpa Odin says Idris Elba is hot and that Norse Gods can manifest as anyone. I'll sick Uncle Loki on the whining crybabies.


Idris is hot. Can't wait. Don't know why they stuck the light-brown contacts in his perfect eyes/face, but that's just me. Weird how the link refers to him as a "hip-hop DJ" and not as an actor on one of the best shows ever, "the Wire." Go I!!!

Maria Johnson59

This is insane!! I love Idris Elba, but maybe it will be a good thing and place him in the spotlight up there with Denzel and Will Smith! Hey Haley Barbour stinks here as gov!


Ok so we know 15 peeps will not go see Thor when it opens. Doesn't mean they will not rent it or watch it later.


That is crazy!!!!


Thank goodness! We ALL know white supremacists inbreed, don't shower, and don't brush their teeth, I didn't want them in my movie theater anyway! Probably carry bedbugs.

This is laughable.


@Quest, lest you remember that the original TV's Wonder Woman WAS a latina (Ms. Linda Jean Córdova Carter), though the CCC wouldn't know that either, as they believe Idris Elba's greatest claim to fame is being a "hip hop DJ".
At any rate, as much as these troglodytes will protest and pat each others' backs for a boycott-well-done, the movie will end up making a shit-ton of money.


I see both sides of the argument. Blacks would be in an uproar over a black character being played by someone white. Marvel does this all the time, same thing with Nick Fury. Heimdall will be a minor character anyway so who really cares. I like thor and will still see the movie, even tho I never heard of Heimdall, he is considered the whitest of white norse Gods. Michael Clark Duncan played the kingpin, who was white. But only duncan could play him lol


>>I see both sides of the argument. Blacks would be in an uproar over a black character being played by someone white.

It happens all the time, Terrell. Read Derrick and Ravenback's comments. And Angelina Jolie did it in A Mighty Heart, if i recall, and her charactewr was based on a real person.

And we are talking about a comic or mythological 'character' that never existed. It is fantasy not history. As Rod said, Heimdall wasn't actually white because he never existed.

Oh and no offense Terrell, but you really don't want to 'see both sides' of an argument when it comes to white supremacists. Given the history of the CCC and everything they did to black folks in the 50s and 60s, you should never agree with anything they say. Those people want you dead. I'm sure you mean well, but you *really* don't want to say that, young brotha.


I meant Angelina Jolie's CHARACTER, oops!

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