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19 December 2010


Liberator Émigré Éire

My boo is Zimbabwean, so it's good to hear some good news coming out of there - in amongst the usual horror stories.


There must be something we can do to help our African brothers and sisters obtain their civil rights. Are there any organizations we can contact to help?


My heart goes out to my African gay brothers and sisters. Most of them lead lives of almost complete privation. They are alone, lonely, cut off, without love, companionship, conversation, fun, the things in life that only other gays can give them. I have three gay friends in Nigeria and two gay friends in Ghana. They lead lives of fear. They are even afraid to get tested. Two of my friends in Nigeria have been brutalized, beaten and arrested by the police. And brutalized again in jail. Neither one was having sex or being intimate in any way.

Robert Mugabe, the leader of Zimbabwe who has single-handedly destroyed an entire country,has publicly announced that gays are worse than dogs and pigs, and in a speech last year he apologized to all the pigs and dogs because he felt he had disrespected them. This man is mentally ill.

A couple of years ago a religious leader in Nigeria said that gays are like animals, that they are insane, and that they do not have any human rights.

The stories of human degradation and misery and unhappiness that so often describe so many aspects of the lives of gays in sub-Saharan African countries occur daily.

My gay friend in Nigeria has health problems, and he was denied his visa to come to the U.S. in 2008. If anyone can help me get him a visa to visit me so I can address his health needs, I would love you forever. Thanks.

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