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05 January 2011


Derrick from Philly

Any action taken against African governments for this bullshit has to include the opinions of African Gays on what type of strategies to use--since they are the ones who have to deal with these cowardly lyin' bastards. No, I'm not talking about international sanctions ( that would be wonderful, but unrealistic). For instance, do they want the leaders of the world's progressive nations to speak out more forcefully against this oppression?

Any strategy used by human rights groups, governments, arts/cultural figures) must include the input of African Gays (in and out of Africa) about what to do/say.

It does get frustrating and infuriating for black gays around the world to see/hear this crap coming from one of the most oppressed continent of people the world has ever known--but it is life threatening for African Gays.

These punk-ass African leaders would probably never be directly involved in the lynchings and mass killings of African Gays, but they'd be the cause of it by whipping up the blood thirsty hate.

Maybe we ought to send black robes and black hoods for these black night riders to wear...or would that just aggravate the situation?


I have reached the boiling point on matters re: the whole continent of Africa. The place is rifed with corruption, exploitation, and ineptitude, and the only thing these bastards can focus on is killing gay people? What gives? Instead of addressing some of life's most basic problems such as food, water, shelter, healthcare and some semblance of a functioning government, no matter what country, the rabid leaders want to hang all their shortcomings on innocent gay people. Excuse me for using this forum to vent this, but it is just horrific behavior!!!

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