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03 January 2011



Hopefully this dirtbag goes under the jail. I'm passing guilty judgment already, just as he has.

These stories become so much less satisfying though when you look at the "scorecard." One pedophile goes down, after having his congregation support Prop 8 which denied rights to millions, and his church teachings spread hate even further.

Eff this loser, hope he's convicted swiftly.

In other news, what more should we be doing to offset these hateful intolerant messages?


You know, we could all spare our legal system a lot of time and trouble if, as soon as some pastor or politician talks against gay people, we just arrest him right then and there for child molestation, soliciting sex from an officer, or buying services from a prostitute.

Our accuracy would probably be better than the FBI’s.

Taylor Siluwé

They conspicuously did not say whether the children involved were boys or girls. Not that it matters for the overall, but on my hypocrisy meter it certainly does.

A part of me hopes his passion runs for little boys. Another part hopes not, considering we have enough fools out there who already equate gayness to the actions of these creeps who molest children.

Still, though he's already a hypocrite by being a pastor and a Jabba the Hutt lookin pervert, his anti-gay activism would take on another level of disgusting if he diddled boys. And maybe people would see that all these raving anti-gay Christocrats are so because they have truly nasty and twisted secrets that they project on all homosexuals.

As for the church standing by their pastor - that's what sheeple do. Not news at all.

Mel Smith

Not surprised at all.


Let us see if they join him in the fiery pit as well!


hopefully there are no pics of him in spandex.

Aamir Swag

It seems to me that by fostering an environment that condones hate, the church (black and white) has created an ideal situation in which evil spirits like the one that lives in this man, Eddie Long, and the like, thrive on. We as the Body of Christ have to choose love just as He did...every time. LOVE


I always love to read what Taylor says, and when he describes the pastor as a "Jabba the Hutt lookin pervert," he hits the proverbial nail of hypocrisy right on the head.

And at the cost of being accused of stereotyping, why is it that so often these perverts look just like what they are? lol

alicia banks

let the church say amen!!!


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