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31 January 2011



whether it is Rachel Zoe, The women of the View, SNL etc etc. Women & Men whose gender was recognized at birth as the opposite of their reality are under attack. Trannie is a word that I see and hear everyday in the media including the Gay community. The gay community also has to do some self relection and recognize their own culpability and enabling of the dehumanization of gender identities different than their own.

Kevin Perez

It's not even funny to begin with and very berating. Those who are part of the T community face a marginalization imagined.

King Drive

@ FIN:

As far as I know, SNL's writers are overwhelmingly white, male and heterosexual. That's who created and produced these disgusting transphobic skits. I'll be the first to call out my gay brothers for transbashing, but that's not the case here. If anything, it's gays trying to bring some awareness to this latest outrage.

And fwiw, you might see "Trannie" every day in the gay media but I don't and never have at this blog.


I saw this skit when it aired and immediately thought ... wtf ... it wasn't funny, had no irony and like King Drive said; seemed to to written by straight, white males - with a narrow adolescent sensibility.
Yuck. Good for GLAAD.

Rocky Hernandez

I disagree I thought it was funny as hell and I didn't find it offensive at all. I think everyone needs to lighten up. We are making problems where there aren't any and I have seen plenty of pro gay skits on Saturday night live.

Baltimore Femme

... I thought it was funny as hell and I didn't find it offensive at all. I have seen plenty of pro gay skits ...

ARE YOU TRANSGENDER ROCKY? Because if you're not you really can't say what offends trans people.

I'm not Puerto Rican or Mexican and surely would not try to say what offends a community I am not part of it. That's like a white person telling me what is racist, or a straight person telling gays what is homophobic.

It doesn't matter if SNL runs "plenty of pro gay skits", I have seen "plenty" of skits making fun of trans men and women.

And if you're a gay man and thought a trifling skit about men with beards in dresses was "funny as hell", that says a lot about you hon ...


This was slightly funny AT BEST but mostly dumb as f**k and highly offensive to people who are transsexual.


Cosign Bmore and MW09.
This is 2011 and that's the best SNL can do? SMH


Mocking an underrepresented group just for being who they are is the lamest form of "comedy" there is. You don't have to be courageous or insightful or witty, all you have to do is appeal to people's discomfort. And it's not as though it's impossible to joke about transgendered people without robbing them of their humanity. Had the show satirized transphobia, I'd have praised it. But the skit was cheap and stupid. Serves me right, though, for watching in the first place; but I only tuned in because that cutie Jesse Eisenberg was hosting.


Don't like it? Don't watch it.


King Drive

"Don't like it? Don't watch it"

It's much more complicated than simply saying "don't watch." The broadcast airwaves are owned by the public.

The offensive sketch is seen by millions. If it were a racist or homophobic sketch, or one slamming black gay men or black folks, you wouldn't simply say "don't watch." I know you wouldn't because I've read your comments before.

But if you don't like or aren't interested in LGBT rights stories ... don't read or comment. How about that? "Simplicity"


SNL isn't really funny. They should bring back Madtv.


I would actually say "Don't watch," King Drive. I don't need other people to tell me what's okay to watch and what's not. I think for myself.

If SNL(which I don't to begin with) ran a racist sketch, I wouldn't watch it. Throwing a hissy fit over a tv show does nothing...if you are REALLY bothered, stop drawing attention to it and let it die off on its own. Those Italian-American interests groups tried throwing a hissy fit over Jersey Shore(A show that had very low ratings at first) and due to all the attention they gave it, it's now one of the most highly rated shows.

If something bothers you, get away from it. Avoid it. Yes, it's called simplicity.


Wow, Osiris just doesn't get it!!! simplicity - is that your formula for change? that type of deafening silence you want Osiris is the kind that would not have brought civilization forward. SMH.


On the DL much? you bottom dweller.

Greg G

>>>stop drawing attention to it and let it die off on its own.

You do sound very simple, Osiris. Very simple indeed.

SNL was already seen by millions of people. It's not like we're discussing some obscure show that no one watches. (And a few Italian Americans sending out press releases about Jersey Shore didnt cause the show to blow up lolsmh) You cannot expect to change wrong behavior unless you call attention to it and say it's wrong. You call that a "hissy fit". Most educated people call that "activism."

But you don't understand the key point: It's not about what YOU would do. It's about what images the MEDIA present and what millions of people see and hear. And just because YOU say you might not watch something, others do and will parrot what they saw and heard. And with your attitude, nothing would ever get solved.

As King Drive said, if it were a racist sketch or something about down low black gay men you would feel differently. You really don't deserve airtime, imo.


I found the skit stupid, ignorant and extremely insulting and I'm not a transgender person.

It was in poor taste and had NO place on the air. It was vile because it tried to be "sensitive" to the transgender journey while simultaneously mocking it and portraying a community of people in a way that was completely disingenuous.

We've got to scream from the rooftops for our transsisters and -brothers! This is ridiculous.

I so applaud the writers of SNL when SEVERAL YEARS AGO they did a similar commercial for a fake pill called HOMOCIL for parents who were having symptons of panic because they knew their young sons were gay and they just had to deal with the fact that their behavior was natural and normal for them.



Rocky Hernandez

Baltimore Femme...I had an earlier response to you but for whatever reason it didn't post. But, like I said before-What it says about me is that I have my own opinion and what I find funny you may not. And in myo pinion it wasn't anything to get upset about. I also said that I am more offended by the Amos and Andy sterotypical overly animated black transsexual prostitutes that they feature on those news docs on MSNBC (Born In The Wrong Body). Now that's offensive to me. They never show other types of black transsexuals (with the exception of Isis for ANTM). Who are leading lives like everyone else and not homeless on the streets selling thier bodies and walking balls.


So people can't disagree without resorting to insults or name-calling. Typical.

Good luck!

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