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12 January 2011



marsha is a godess!
thank you!


Marsha is the truth! I have always supported her because it's real music with real topics of life. I am so glad that she put this vid on display. Some buzz is good then none at all. Thank you Marsha and you as well Rod! Yes k will have this CD when it hits and buy it like you are supposed to.

Distant Lover

I saw Mr. Marsha when she was with Floetry and she was touring with Queen Latifah, Jill Scott and Erykah Badu. (Thinking about that concert still gives me goosebumps, BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!) and I will definitely buy her CD and support her if she tours. I hope and pray she opens for Sade. If that happens, I will drop dead afterwards but I'll die happy.
God Bless You, Miss Marsha! please continue to do YOU!

The Truth



Love the song and love her honesty.


cant get enough of this song.
thanks for the interview Rod

Earl Harville

God bless Marsha for using her art to speak for a community that's taken for granted by so many performers. Kudos!!!

Byron in PGC



She's wonderful and so talented!


What an unexpected surprise to come here and read this interview. Your beautiful spirit comes through loud and clear Marsha, here and in your brilliant song and video. Thank you and bless you.

Greg G

>>>So I wanted to give something back for those whose stories weren’t told. Or if they did have a voice … it wouldn’t be heard.

Thank you Marsha. THANK YOU!


I agree with her and it's not controversial it's just reality and the Black community and others need to keep it moving already!!

Kevin Perez

Two men loving one another and embracing each other is controversial, but rapping about the "b*tches and hoes" and talking about shooting and killing folks....Isn't? Boy, the way some folks think is scary. I suppose next the idea of two men getting married in inconceivable for these losers.

Nevertheless, it's good to see a artist of color acknowledging what many LGBT of color face.


She looks GREAT! Thanks for sharing her words and video with us all.


Congrats for having the 1st interview I have seen with Marsha. She's going to be on 106 and Park tonight as part of a STOP BULLYING Show!

Bravo, Rod for a great interview! I love her and I am definitely copping this cd! After this AND her performance at the BLACK GIRLS ROCK show last year, I AM IN!


Terrific vid. Gorgeous song. And it'll be fascinating to follow this vid's avenue as it spreads out. Just a shame that we have to say how bold it is, rather than simply a part of the great human tapestry.


Yes, this video IS controversial for the fact that it is a toucy subject controversial means something that people have different view poionts on. While I do not support homosexuality...I DO NOT SUPPORT GAY BASHING, OR BULLYING!!! I think people can and should live their lives however they see fit. Those are just MY beliefs...but I AGREE that the hate and torture needs to END. I love Marsha...she is amazing...way to go and congradulations to her!

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