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17 January 2011


Greg G

Sounds like he was having a psychotic break of some kind. But shooting and killing a naked unnarmed man? wow

Derrick from Philly

I agree, Greg G. There was no way to subdue him? What about those tazers that some police departments use?

Lang B

Wow. I always think the person with the gun has the advantage never understand with their training why cops don't shoot a leg or arm etc? Sad. Always thought he looked like Dr DRE's lost brother.

Black Pegasus

I really HATE the damn police!
Those cowardly pigs have no value for human life! They shoot down unarmed men and go home to eat a bologna sammich as if nothing ever happened!

Obviously, I wasn't there, so I don't know the details. But I do know he was UNARMED, and there is no reason a physically fit police officer couldn't have subdued this young man without taking hs life!

Lang B

How come I cannot recall any news reports of unarmed white men getting snuffed out. Give someone a gun at some point they are gonna find some justification to use it. A wild animal get's a tranquilizer- Humans get murdered. Very frustrating!

Liberator Émigré Éire

I'm glad police here in UK aren't armed. Had this happened here, they'd have had to find some other way to subdue him.


Drug use perhaps? LA Weekly cites an interview from Essence.com where he's quoted as saying "I enjoy the club life". He was a club promoter and liked to hang in Hollywood where drugs are plentiful. That night he'd been at Drai's at the W Hotel. The incident occurred at 3:30 in the morning - last call is usually 1:30.

Reggie was not a small man. He was 6'0" and he specialized in weight lifting and strength coaching. Both officers went to the hospital, one was kept for treatment for injuries to his head and jaw. The other was treated and released.

Faced with an erratic, naked, very muscular guy who's left your partner dazed, punched you in the head and is now trying to take your gun - what would you do?

NOTE: Not that it should matter, but neither of the officers involved are white. One is asian and the officer who shot him is black.


It always sucks to hear of a loss of life, especially when someone is drunk/high and not in their right mind but if a strong guy is trying to take a cops gun and is physically fighting with them it's not out of the realm of possibility that he's going to get shot.

Once you attack an officer you are putting their lives at risk too, especially when you are going for their weapon, if he was naked and acting out they are going to assume he's on something pretty strong and not just drunk I'm guessing as well.

We have seen plenty of examples of police brutality and shooting people in a cowardly way (especially by the LAPD) but this one sounds a bit more understandable IMO, it's just too bad a young life had to be lost like this.

Black Pegasus


None of what you said is relevant to the justification of Police Gunning Down Unarmed Men! I don't care if he was high on some drug or not! He shouldn't have been SHOT TO DEATH by those f*cking PIGS!

And no one here mentioned RACE until you brought it up. Black and Hispanic Officers can be PIGS as well...I know because I've not only dated Hot Headed Cops, but I've been at the receiving end of their wrath!

Stop making excuses for the murder of unarmed citizens! This isn't Communist China, it's the USA

Distant Lover

I don't care if the officers involved are polka dot. I hope both of them are locked up for murder. Law enforcement officials need to be held to a very high standard since they literally have life and death in their hands. If reggie was belligerent and started fighting with the officers, then they should have tasered him. Using deadly force on an unarmed man should be criminal no matter who does it. If they give them a slap on the wrist for this, it will be Rodney King all over again and we all know the aftermath. My heart goes out to Reggie's family and friends. This madness has got to stop. The LAPD doesn't give a damn about the life of a black man and I don't care what colors the cops are. A great majority of people who become cops are bullies anyway and make it hard for the few good cops.


So should a police officer who is being physically attacked by someone larger than him just take it and let the guy kill him or take his gun and shoot him?

Some of you are making no sense at all. The guy was strong enough to hurt 2 police officers, he was obviously drunk/high and trying to take their weapon but according to you he should just be allowed to continue attacking them because they are police and have a gun and he is unarmed even though he was most likely stronger than either one of those officers.

There is a time for outrage but this doesn't seem to be it. As happens nearly every time I post a comment here someone will undoubtedly come at me because I'm white (yes it has happened many times)so I'll just shut that down right now, it does not matter! I look at all human life as equal and had this guy been white, lation, asian, polynesian, middle eastern or any other background or mix of backgrounds I'd feel the same way.

You don't physically attack police and think you aren't putting your life at risk, you'd have to be an idiot to do that. Police will assume you are on something more than just alcohol or pot when you are running around naked and assaulting them and that will give them even more reason to feel their lives are at risk when dealing with you.

The police shooting that man on the ground in the back up in the bay area was a crime, the police punching a young man who is handcuffed in the face when he's bent over the hood of a cop car is cowardly and a crime IMO, a large muscular naked guy who is physically attacking police, trying to take their weapon and puts one of them in the hospital is only a victim of himself.


You mean to tell me that Naked, unarmed erratic behavior = using deadly force!!!1 we officially live in hell people!!!! a black mans life aint worth spit!!!


One of my close frat bruhs knew Reggie personally, was actually supposed to hang out wit him THAT nite. He says what the media is reporting was totally out of character for him. Yes he LOVED the club scene and could have easily been drugged or even been high by choice. But thats not the issue. These fools(cops) are here to protect us, sometimes from ourselves. Shooting to KILL when u are UNARMED?? Makes no sense to me...we all know how this is goin to play out. God help us all. Thank U...

Greg G

JinCA: "but this one sounds a bit more understandable IMO"


It probably would have been more prudent to Taser the man or shoot him in the thigh.

"There is a time for outrage but this doesn't seem to be it."

And a more appropriate time for outrage would be ...? How many times does an UNARMED black man need to be killed before we should be angry? I can't recall many stories about unarmed white men being gunned down by cops.

"someone will undoubtedly come at me because I'm white..."

Okay, I won't go there. But I will say it's likely few of your friends or relatives have been killed by police officers. And if you repeatedly read/hear similar stories for decades, you would probably feel differently.


Greg I have family who were police and they became jerks when they were cops, I have a lot less respect for police now than I did before my family members became cops. So don't act like someone who is white doesn't see a lot of police for what they really are, there are far too many corrupt and abusive people in that position.

As far as people saying that a cop should allow a larger and stronger man to continue to attack them because the guy is unarmed then you are just not considering what's going on you are just looking at 3 words "police, unarmed and killed" you aren't looking at the fact that this guy was probably bigger and stronger than the police officers and was physically attacking them and trying to take their weapons which they would assume would mean he wants to kill them, at that point it becomes the cops life or your live so who's life do you think they are going to choose? a man can kill you with his hands, he doesn't have to have a weapon.

Non lethal force is obviously what you would hope to use but what about when the suspect is attacking them? now if this guy was just yelling at them and it was a "stand off" then sure but he was physically attacking them, that changes everything even if you don't want to believe it does.


God bless his soul and his family. Black men we must not allow each other to leave clubs/parties drunk or high. That's why I typically travel with friends when partying. We always pledge that we came in (to the club/party together) and that we will all leave together. As of January 1st, 2011 I've decided to give up alchohol for a year.

Distant Lover

JinCA, what the F#@K is wrong with you?
Why are you justifying murder?
The cops had other options than deadly force to subdue Reggie.
They did not have to kill him.
And based on the LAPD's previous record, they have ZERO credibility.
Reggie had to be high to think that fighting with the LAPD would end well, but he didn't deserve to die for it. I certainly hope that they make an example of these two cops, otherwise it will happen again and it will escalate and more innocent people will die. We do not live in a police state, or do we?


This is tragic. I am with the majority here. They should have tasered him to the point of unconscious, not kill him dead. I mean, damn, if the brother was naked, they couldn't kicked him in the balls? Why aren't cops trained in martial arts? Fight with your hands and not be trained to be "trigger-happy" with a gun.....

True Words

Funny how so many people here judge the police officers when most of you here and out here on the web don't even stop what you are doing to call the police...the senseless rape of a young lady, people took pictures and video...the neighbor that you hear being abused day and night...please cut the crap!


@Distant Lover
@Black Pegasus
So let me get this straight: Let's say I'm a cop and my partner and I are chasing a naked guy that's built like a football player who is under the influence of something through a condominium complex at 3:00 a.m. We've finally caught up with him but he's fighting back. We have both been punched in the head by this guy who is built like a brick wall, my partner is dazed and the guy (who may very well be much bulkier and stronger than I am) is now trying to get my gun.

You're telling me I'm supposed to let go of my gun, reach around, pull out a Taser, release the safety switch, take aim at his torso and hope to hell I hit him and drop him to the ground before he can shoot the gun? Really? Would YOU do it that way?

What do you think would have happened if the Taser missed him and Reggie had gotten hold of one of the officers' guns, panicked and started firing? Taser vs a gun at pretty much point-blank range = Two dead cops. No thanks.

I'm not necessarily a fan of LAPD, but I'm not going to automatically condemn these two officers because they work for LAPD either. There is reportedly security camera footage from the complex that may verify or disprove the officers' account of what happened. But assuming the story of the officers pans out, I'd say their actions were justified. That doesn't make it any less of a tragedy. But two dead cops wouldn't be an acceptable outcome either.

Distant Lover

@True Words, we judge the police officers based on their behavior. In this case, an unarmed young BLACK man is dead. Deadly force is always a last resort, not the only one. As for those of us who don't help others in danger. What did DANIEL HERNANDEZ and several others do in Arizona when an ARMED AND DANGEROUS PSYCHOPATH OPENED FIRE ON INNOCENT PEOPLE KILLING SIX INCLUDING A 9 YEAR OLD GIRL?
If ordinary citizens can take down an armed and dangerous nutcase who has killed, you mean two trained officers can't do the same thing to an unarmed young man? Please! You better get out of here with that bullshyt!

True Words

Where were his friends when all of this was happening...did his "boys" just let him run down the street naked..did they call the police and say "my friend is acting really strange, we were getting high..etc"...no they came afterwards about 100 paces back and watched it unfold....

by the way someone with "mental issues"...I like to take them out (until 3AM) get them drunk on alcohol and who knows what because that is looking out for them...WOW what a bunch of hypocrites!

Well all I know for sure is that he is dead due to his own ignorant self destructive behaviors...

True Words

Distant lover I hear you but your argument is weak and because he was BLACK means no more or less to me...that is part of the problem...in one breath we can't hold our BLACK peoples lives to HIGHER standards but on a day to day show NO regard of our own doing...MORE BLACKS DIE from black on black crime...more blacks are in jail because of BLACK on BLACK crime, etc...we need to continually find the value in EACH person's life and let the GREAT society and culture see that we LOVE our people...but that DOES NOT HAPPEN now does it...nope it doesn't; you know I would hate to be a "snitch" and get the police involved in a manner that is proactive and could prevent the possible future death or crime...naw better to keep the code of the street and then scream injustice when someone else BESIDES one of US kills on of our own...the OUTRAGE SHOULD BE RAMPANT AND NEVER ENDING for change to happen

Distant Lover

What the hell does this incident have to do with black on black crime?
This was a case of shoot first and ask questions later. And the first questions I'd like to ask is if you had to shoot him, why not the leg or the foot to disable him? Why did you use deadly force?
If you are chasing a naked guy who is muscular and he goes for your gun, I admit that you are in a hell of a predicament, but cops are trained to keep their heads in tense predicaments and when they lose them and someone loses their lives, justice DEMANDS that they be held accountable. And nobody answered my question in my last post. HOW DID UNARMED, UNTRAINED, ORDINARY CITIZENS IN TUCSON, ARIZONA MANAGED TO TAKE DOWN AN ARMED, DERANGED, MURDEROUS PSYCHOPATH WITHOUT KILLING HIM? WHEREAS TWO FULLY TRAINED AND I ASSUME FULLY CAPABLE POLICE OFFICERS COULDN'T SUBDUE AN UNARMED MAN WITHOUT KILLING HIM? HIS PHYSIQUE NOTWITHSTANDING, IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. THEY COULD'VE FOUND A NON-LETHAL SOLUTION, THEY DIDN'T AND NOW A LITTLE GIRL IS GOING TO GROW UP WITHOUT HER DADDY, COMPLIMENTS OF THE LAPD!


That boy wasn't just drunk, he might have been on something or was slipped something in a drink. People do that in bars and clubs without you knowing. And if he was on something and totally out of control, even the smallest of people can do serious damage under the influence. I have seen people running down the street naked and out of control and every time it happened, they were on some drug or they smoked something laced with a drug. I might have to side with the police with this one.

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