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10 January 2011



Such a slap in the face...


You are correct eletrik.red....It's a shame...

Rodney B

well you know, as sad as it is that a piece of our history is gone, we can't neglect the fact that even though we ran/owned the bar, we didn't own the building where the bar was located. That my friends is the problem.

if we don't own the building which houses our "landmarks" then seeing a METRO PCS or any other store in its place will continue to happen.

Prime example is Chi Chiz. Now I know for a fact its was run unprofessionally but if we had at least owned the building, we could have booted out the owners and found more competent people to run it.

We as a people can easily throw away money at petty sh*t like cars, clothes, phones (all that depreciate) but don't recognize the value in owning property especially commercial property.


Face and Waist

Thanks Macwell and Elektrik. I had so many wonderful nights in that bar. So many.


I don't know if anyone is listening, but Rodney B is on point!!! That's the problem with us as black gays, or black people period! There's power in ownership....as we should all know very well anyway as our ancestors were owned by whites.

We have got to start putting ourselves in a position to play hard ball. The whites have been doing it for years. We can hold marches and boycott, but they still have the upper hand in many cases because they are the owners. It's all a matter of putting our money in things that make sense for the long term.

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