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08 January 2011



Direct result of the hateful rhetoric spewed by Palin and others. If I believed in prayer Id be praying for this country. Now I just SMH


"Direct result of the hateful rhetoric spewed by Palin and others. If I believed in prayer Id be praying for this country. Now I just SMH"

You do not know that. After all, she is one of the a few Democrats who didn't vote for Pelosi this past week. A lot of liberals were upset by that. Let's just hope she's okay instead of trying to place blame on why the 21 y/o idiot shot her.


Although it is not CLEAR as to the reason the animal shot the Congresswoman, I wanna know what that IDIOT PALIN has to say about her sending signals to lunatics that she and others in that party provoke to use guns as a means of protest to people who do not agree with them. What ever happen to going to the ballot and letting your voice be heard in a diplomatic manner like sane Americans do all the time. I pray that she makes it through her surgery.

405 S

>>>Let's just hope she's okay instead of trying to place blame on why the 21 y/o idiot shot her.<<<


Is that the conservative talking point now? The shooter is to blame and the police will ask him why he did it ... and we can talk/discuss/speculate as well. And you just tried to blame 'liberals' for the shooting. Silly rabbit, Pelosi did NOT have enough votes anyway to be elected speaker, it was a symbolic vote as the minority party always does.

Back to reality ... I'm agreeing with DFS. When you have conservatives demanding an overthrow of a legally elected president, right wing radio hosts encouraging people to take guns to Obama events, constantly talking about killing Democrats, some nut case or kid becomes inspired.


"I wanna know what that IDIOT PALIN has to say about her sending signals to lunatics that she and others in that party provoke to use guns as a means of protest to people who do not agree with them."

I'm not a Palin supporter nor do I like her, but when people like you spread lies like the one above, you only make people who do like her even more entrenced in their love of her AND will defend her at any cost. Please bring down the rhetoric.

This is my blog and only I tell people to tone it down. If you're angry because people are linking this assassination attempt to anti-gay Sarah Palin's "target" on pro-equality Giffords, get over it or leave. "Defend" gay-bashing Palin elsewhere and don't ever tell my audience what to do . -RM


I'm not a Palin supporter nor do I like her ....

You sure sound like one, hon. And if you weren't one, you wouldn't even go there.

If you want to defend someone, how about the congresswoman laying in ICU with a bullet in her head? You know, the same one who fought for your rights? I'm so sure @sarahpalinusa surely ain't trying to "defend" black folks, gay men,, and definitely not black gay men!

Perry W

Marry me Rod.


"bring down the rhetoric"

That's my point to Palin and Beck

If you dont see a connection between rhetoric and violent action, you need to study history some more.


Zzzzzz -RM


It is well within reason for people to be discussing the fact the Palin had cross-hairs on Giffords district. We don't know for sure, but its perfectly fine to discuss. I don't know who is responsible other than the shooter. This is a tragedy, but I am glad to hear she has a change of survival. Others have lost there lives in this horrible act of violence.... including a 9 year old child. I'm disgusted and heartbroken.


...but when people like you spread lies like the one above ... please bring down the rhetoric.

You have some nerve. That's exactly what we're telling Palin, Beck, Rush, Boener etc about gay people, health care, Obama's birth, etc.

And if you "love" Mama Grizzly so much you "will defend her at any cost", you sure sound like a deluded Palin fanboy. Take a hike to Free Republic, this is a liberal blog. tolerate


Palin targeted her for defeat by putting an image of a gunsight over her name how someone cannot see the link between that and what happened to this Congressperson is sipping the Palin Kool Aid ..that message is for you Ben go away


I wonder what church the gunman goes to.


I wonder what @SarahPalinUSA thinks about this? Any new tweets?



"My sincere condolences are offered to the family of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of today's tragic shooting in Arizona.

On behalf of Todd and my family, we all pray for the victims and their families, and for peace and justice."

- Sarah Palin


Maybe now she'll think before she rabble-rouses. Palin is more thoughtless than a toddler.


Sarah Palin already should have been prosecuted for that poster. Now, she should face a murder investigation.


If you guys get a chance, please read up on the murderer. A pot-smoking loner, who lived with his parents, the Army wouldn't take him, he wasn't too keen on religion and left a good-bye message on his myspace page. He really sounds like someone who just had it with life and wanted to go out with a bang.


These people who keep referring to "2nd amendmant remedies" or saying "don't retreat reload" share responsibility, maybe not legally but morally. This is why you don't talk the way these idiotic tea party and republican people have been talking, there are nutt jobs out there who seriously are just looking for an excuse or inspiration to go out and act this way.

People like Sarah Palin, Sharon Angle and all of these jerks who talk this way are destroying our country morally and it makes me sick. You may legally be able to say just about anything you want in this country but you better realize when you are a public figure your words carry weight with some people and if you aren't willing to act like and adult and be responsible with your words then you carry moral responsibility for actions that those who follow you carry out.



I did not state any lies, it was my opinion and I later saw the Congresswoman herself in an interview around the time that stupid map was posted on CNN talking about Palin putting her on her a map with the gun target of Democrats that she wanted defeated. She said that that map is something that could have severe consequences and how ironic she was not only a target on that map but a VICTIM. You are on the wrong blog if you think you will try and turn this crap on me. I am only stating the oblivious that you can not make symbolical suggestions to millions of people that involves mentioning guns directly or indirectly and then for it to be carried out directly or indirectly considering the DANGEROUS outcome as seen today. No Democrats or Liberals ever put out foolishness like a target map which includes that of Palin or any Tea Party candidates but it's okay for Palin a Rebublican to do so...I GUESS YOU WANT TO TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK, HOW ABOUT TAKING A GOOD LOOK IN THE MIRROR AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT YOU SEE THEN YOU DEAL WITH IT ON YOUR OWN AND LET SANE AMERICANS POST THEIR THOUGHTS IN PEACE...TRUTH HEARTS HUH!!

Thanks RM I agree with your sidebar and was very happy to see you let that clown know who's blog this is!!

Dallas Cowboy

Ben is a classic concern troll.
Of course, "he" is "not" a Palin fan but comments like that only embolden them, so can we tone it down. Let's not to be quick to blame, umm, liberals could be behind this. Blah blah blah.



I feel the Tea Party hijacked civility within political discourse. Politics were never for the faint of heart, but it wasn't about spitting on people and calling them the N and F word. It was only a matter of time before something like this happened.

Bringing guns to rallys and utilizing rhetoric about killing the opposition, be it utilized in marketing materials or radio, makes those who are unstable even more dillusional and unclear about the line between rhetoric and reality. Studies are always there to show the connection between kids watching tv and their behavior ( be it watching smokers make them smokers, or stunts performed by some who are trained being performed by kids who hurt themselves, ect.), and the same is true for adults. We are swayed by that outside ourselves.

To say all the rhetoric that has gone on this year (which there was no Tea Party before this or at least not on a national level like this) regarding birther theories, taking the country back, making the country like it "used" to be, the gay agenda, and such, does not have any affect on the reaction and response on our population is ridiculous.

President Obama was chided for not hitting back when the Tea Party and others were coming after him during this recent election. He tried to stay civil and fight in a different way. It wasn't until he started to speak in a harsher manner did people start to listen to him and support him. We all should maybe follow his lead and try to hold on to being a little more civil even if it is not popular.

My prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy. We must continue the discourse about civility in politics, because it had recently started and then fell off. Hopefully this will get it started again.

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