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08 January 2011


Bernie B

I am just amazed that police districts use taxpayer dollars and waste countless, useless time to perform undercover stings to snag adults who look for other adults to have non-commital sex in park bushes.

There are scores of straights carrying on in parks too ... and really, how wonderful does it look on your poilce tenure that you spent years catching gay and bi-men in uncompromising situations. Way to go! You were really looking out for the safety of your community in a big way (note sarcacm)

You either like Dick detail or your Sarge or Captain doesn't like YOU! ... What straight man really wants to subject himself to possibly being accosted and fondled many times for the interest of "public safety" ... Surely, there are bigger criminals in the neighborhood to be caught than the horny dudes (of all ages) who look to bust nuts in the park.

This needs deeper examining on so many levels. I wish this would come to light in the media in a big way get exposed for what it really is ... Why are police wasting time with stings to catch horny men in parks? And sadly, with soooo many other outlets (book stores, peep shows, movie theaters, bathhouses -- need I go on ...lol), do married men put themselves in these dangerous situations? ... I can only imagine the native of Montclair went to a place he very well knew for years was an area where fun could be had, but sadly the game got deadly. Does it really need to come to this?

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