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12 January 2011


Former COGIC

As always, it's the black church folk who are determined to keep their heads in the sand. In this case, they refuse to acknowledge gay people exist.And miss thing thinks the billboards are xrated and should be posted near adult bookstores and strip joints. smdh.


i don't even know where to begin. just wrong on so many levels.


Miss Gopher Tompkins needs to have a seat!! Seeing images like the billboard help bolster self-awareness and security among confused LGBT teens, not indoctrinate them.

Nathan James

Stigma and church-based homophobia are considered among the prime factors in the massive spread of HIV/AIDS throughout the Black community.

That one sentence, Rod, says more than I think even you, with your encyclopedic knowledge of the issues, realize. It is a twenty-word dirge on the state of society's attitudes towards gays and lesbians of color. Still, the religious hatred continues.

Dallas Cowboy

'Seeing images like the billboard help bolster self-awareness and security among confused LGBT teens, not indoctrinate them. '

Excellent point, Eletrik Red. But isn't that the problem? The black church crowd wants gays to repent or remain closted. The last thing they want are self aware, confident black LGBT who will call them on their BS.


The black church and black gays have their own version of DADT. Even if you are flaming, tambourine church queen, they 'won't ask are you gay. You are welcome at services as long you put something in the plate (and they will look to see what you put in!), listen to their hypocrisy and gaybashing, say amen to pas'r and don't 'tell' folks publicly you are gay!


I am sickened and saddened by the public ignorance and private arrogance of the Black Church on matters of God and purpose.

God's purpose for the earth is as vast and uncontainable as the species of flowers, birds and plants that God peppered on the land. We are all here on purpose, with purpose, and some men marry and some don't; some women bear children and some don't; some men love women and some love men and it's all in God's plan.

I'm tired of post-Slavery negroes still using slavery logic in speaking against something that they don't understand or desire to understand. You don't like homosexuality because you don't understand it, Black Church, we get that, but don't get so arrogant and ignorant that you forget people being hosed down and having dogs unleashed on them because someone didn't like or understand them. If you don't "like" gays, stay away, but in the name of love, don't hinder me. No one is recruiting in this mess but the church that is vehement about saying DO IT THIS WAY OR GO TO HELL! That sounds like an offer you can't refuse. I don't refuse it: I REBUKE IT!

"BEFORE YOU WERE FORMED IN YOUR MOTHER'S WOMB, I KNEW YOU!" So if God already knows me, I don't have to prove that to you. My breathing makes God's point!


I just want to shout out GMAD for the wonderful work they've been doing particularly in the NYC Metro Area as far as billboards which fight the stigma associated with homosexuality that leads to the rise in HIV/AIDS among black men who have sex with men. The fact that people think these wonderful and empowering ads should be placed in the 'dirty section' of town continues the sickness and poison that is killing us and burns my spirit

Mel Smith

Homophobia to the core.

Derrick from Philly

It's just as the young Rod 2.0 commentator, Kevin Perez, often points out: it is ridiculous and disgraceful that people who have suffered extreme bigotry should turn around and inflict the same treatment on others--often their own sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, etc.

But I have a theory too. I think that some Black folks simply do not like the 21st Century. They want to retain those experiences from the past that warm their hearts...stuff like raggedy school buildings with beat-up textbooks handed down from white schools, having store cashiers wait on fairer-skinned customers even though you were standing in line first (with the security guard's eyes glued on you), having the police stop you at night and do a lower body search with your drawahs down around your ankles IN PLAIN VIEW OF ANYBODY WATCHING (the trade knew us sissies were watching...goody! goody!), getting the "spirit" in church and jumping up and down like a lunatic while beating on rusty tambourines, waving those wonderful little cardboard hand fans with funeral parlor advertisments printed on them, sweating out Ultra Sheen, and... oh, yes, the farm bus coming to town to take us to New Jersey--just in time for pickin' season. Oh, Lawdy!

All those special quirks that went along with being Black in America...all just memories. So, now, in the 21st Century what do those unhappy Blacks who miss those glorious times want to do: give the same kind of treament to Gay Americans--especially the Black ones(the only ones they can really give it too).


I sincerely apologize for my people's ignorance. Really sad on so many levels.

Distant Lover

The above comments say it all.
I really hope the uproar on our side is just as loud and boisterous as it is on the other side so that billboard stays put!

I'm really sick of homophobia.
It's not ignorance anymore.
Willful ignorance is EVIL and STUPID and I will not be forced into the closet by these individuals. There is nothing wrong with the billboard. The fault lies with the EVIL individuals who hypocritical preach about God's love but condemns an entire segment of God's children to shame and obscurity. They need to rot in hell with the rest of the Nazis.

and one more note: elektrick.red, I fell out of my chair laughing at "Miss Gopher Tompkins", he does look like one of them gophers in the Bugs Bunny cartoons! Indubitably!!!

Stephen Maglott

The religious bigots greatest fear is that the billboards will work. Increasing awareness of an “invisible” community will make it harder to punish the same-gender loving community for their otherness. Statements such as comparing gay people to thieves and liars and some of the other vitriolic statements show how depraved and desperate they are.

Kevin Perez

Foaming at the mouth about God and blabbering about the "Good Book" doesn't make you a good person. You can still be the biggest scumbag. Taking everything face value on what the Bibles speaks levels about the stupidity, not ignorance, of a lot of folks. Slavery is justified in the Bible, woman aren't viewed in a positive note either, yet these groups and others have no qualms with telling US how perverted and evil we are!

I honestly find it hilarious that people want to deny, to this day, that they choose whatever is convenient to them. They chose the more controversial subjects because THEY KNOW they'll get an audience, will meet approval and THEY KNOW many will just there and take their abuse. I'm sorry but these actions can no longer be simply limited to a couple of bad apples.

We're supposedly living in more progressive times and yet most young boys of color or ANYONE who's part of the LGBT, can't even come out with the possibility of hostile encounters and even possible murder. Yet, no one, neither mainstream LGBT folks or communities of color, seem to care. AT ALL. We still have folks trying to creep in their bigotry buy restoring to the same rhetoric that they don't "hate" us, they simply "disapprove" of our life styles.

My "life style" consist of waking up in the morning, showering, washing my teeth, eating breakfast, taking the bus to go by a near community college and learning. On occasion, I may watch pornography but even so, what exactly posses these jackasses to approve/disapprove what goes on in closed doors?

Mel Smith

Stephen, I agree.

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