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27 January 2011



Oh my god, that poor man! What a disgusting act of cowardice. I can only hope that this story does not get buried with Mr. Bahati and that justice will done. R.I.P.


Sorry, I meant Mr. Kato.


This is horrible! I am sickened by that amount of hatred in this world. May he rest in peace and know that he tried to make a difference. I hope the murderers rot in Hell. That is surely where they are headed for this horrible and senseless crime.

Nathan James

Germany, 1938 = Uganda, 2010. Horrifying.

Derrick from Philly

The Fundamentalist Christian Right in the United States has created its monsters. Killing gentle people in the name of God. They hesitate doing it here, so they give word to their monsters to murder Gay people in Africa.

Derrick from Philly

Someone should remind those Africans whose new hobby is hating and threatening homosexuals--remind them WHAT used happen to African liberation leaders in the 1950s and before. Remind them that many of those heroes meant the same fate as this gentle freedom fighter, Mr David Kato. And that the same right-wing Christians that today tell them to kill Mr Kato are the same type who thought that assassination was the only method to stop the "black savages from subverting civilized colonial rule".



It's frightening, but NOW WE KNOW IT'S TRUE!!!! We hear this talk about Uganda and the hate towards homosexuals and many act as though it's just African homophobia, rooted in ignorance of people who are homosexual. But now, we know and we see that Uganda is a bomb waiting to explode. WE, the US, but seriously look into ASYLUM for homosexuals around the world whose lives are threatened every day and night.

This was a crime that happened at 1pm and they are saying it was theft?! Please!!!!

The saddest part is that things are OKAY here, but not good or great. It's a disturbing journey to realize that people who have NO FAITH and NO RELIGIOUS TRUTH in their lives or family background who STILL use the Bible and church-hate to destroy the lives of Children of God, MADE BY GOD!!!

How dare people act as though homosexuals are so people who have "chosen" to be outcasts and beaten and killed around the world AND that people are "made" that way by someone else. Homosexuality is apparent and clear AROUND THE WORLD, from the Switzerland to Swaziland, from Arabia to Argentina, from Thailand to Texas and yet, there's this "THE WHITE MAN DID THIS" talk that seems to walk around the world, even into place where white men haven't been.

It's not homophobia...it's heterosexual hatred and the church-based permission that they feel they have to destroy people's daily living! I am furious at this in Uganda and in Utah and in soooooo many cities and towns in America.

Bravo to your points Derrick from Philly! I appreciate the quote at the end of your comment especially!



Horrible news, but the situation in Uganda is just another reminder about how comparatively easy we have it here in the US. We may complain about the Tony Perkinses and Harry Jacksons of the world always talking us down, but at least we're allowed to live in relative peace. Tolerance isn't the same thing as respect, and America is still a cesspool of bigotry in many ways; but Ugandans would kill to have a fraction of the freedom we do.

@Derrick, did you happen to catch Frank Mugisha when he spoke about Uganda at the William Way Center last week?

Mel Smith

Uganda is creating a genocide type of environment for gay Ugandans.

Derrick from Philly

Hi, Justin:

No, I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't even know about Mr Mugisha's speaking visit. I hope it was well attended. I used to always complain about not having positive venues for Black Gay People to meet and commune, and then when some positive event occurs...well...

Bernie B

Imagine waking up and your name, address and face is printed in the local newspaper as being one of your city's top homosexuals. WOW!

As much as I want to fart on my country sometimes, I count my lucky stars for ALL my freedoms.

Remember Africa, you were brainwashed and colonized by Europe and its religions. Gay or straight, dissention and strife among African ethnic groups is frightening. They kill each other just for being a different ethnic group, even though they are ALL AFRICAN. Why does something like this surprise anyone?

And this a country where the HIV rate is at heightened levels between HETEROSEXUALS.

Mel Smith

David Kato could have been one of us. Heterosexuals got blood on thier hands for this.

Liberator Émigré Éire

David Kato's name needs to be everywhere; on every blog, on every news bulletin, in every headline.

His death is proof of what human rights activists have been saying all along about what's going on in Africa. The Ugandan government needs to be leaned on and made to deliver justice.


I am deeply saddened by Mr.Kato's murder. His colleague Frank Mugisha who also works for SMUG was just in Philadelphia last week appealing to US LGBT community members for their support of the struggle in Uganda. Please visit gaybygod.net and click on 'Global Justice' to support the cause there.


Very sad but not surprising!!!
Lately, LGBT news from Uganda proved clearly that the danger LGBT people are exposed to in that country is REAL!!..Smells like a cleansing/genocide!Courtesy of the CHRISTIAN groups and crazy dictators!!

However, people have to keep in mind that the current government of Uganda or some other homophopic african governments do NOT represent all of "AFRICA" or "THOSE AFRICANS" ..as some people on this board are putting it..It paints the whole african continent as Homophopic...which is ironically far from the truth...


R.I.P. Warrior Kato.
I listened to an hour long interview with Frank Mugisha on PBS here in Philly, he and Kato are true freedom fighters. They have straight allies in many African countries, but it's a tough battle. They need our support too.

Liberator Émigré Éire

Etienne - if you have a different point of view or other facts, that counter the constant stream of horror stories from one African country after another (Kenya, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Cameroon to name a few) then please share that...

I think most people recognise that the homophobic tsunami in Africa is the result of the Christian right/Islam/corrupt leaders looking for scapegoats, and not the people themselves.

As Uganda's top opposition leader, Kizza Besigye, pointed out, people have more pressing concerns than what goes on in the bedrooms of consenting adults...


A senseless and sickening death. Always sad to see people turn on each other and then back it up with their b.s. "morality".


Thank you for your posts, Derrick.

“The Fundamentalist Christian Right in the United States has created its monsters. Killing gentle people in the name of God. They hesitate doing it here, so they give word to their monsters to murder Gay people in Africa.”

I have long thought that the American evangelical Christians are using Africa as their testing ground. In Africa, they can experiment with their propaganda techniques, so they can discover which ones are the most successful in provoking murder.

The evangelicals will surely bring back home to the U.S. what they learn in Africa. In the meantime, though, they have the satisfaction of seeing their brother African pastors grow rich by sowing fear and hatred in their societies.


Over the last couple of years I have sometimes posted comments about what horrible lives of privation and fear gays are forced lead in every sub-Saharan African country. I have friends in Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon.

The men here who write about the responsibilities of the American Evangelicals in infecting Uganda are correct. It began for real in 2009 when they came there with their sick and demented lies about gays. First they infected the religious leaders in Uganda, and they infected the government leaders and the people of Uganda have been infected with the lies and hatred they now believe about gays.For example, the infamous porn videos shown by Pastor Ssempa to his congregations in which he convinced them that gay men, to use his words, eat poo poo (which he repeated over and over again) plus porn showing fist fucking. By the end the people watching and listening were ready to tear gay men apart.

It breaks my heart to see that David Kato has been murdered and to know of the violence, fear intimidation and brutality forced on our gay brothers and sisters. Two of my gay friends in Nigeria have been beaten and arrested for no reason other than the police decided they were gay.

Instead of things getting better in Africa, they are getting worse.The great irony is that the colonial countries that introduced such homophobia have improved so much in their attitudes toward gays while their victims continue in their downward homophobic spiral.

Taylor Siluwé

Well said, Jim.

But the religious right are already doing it here.

Inciting hate. Using children. It's why they scream how teaching tolerance is 'indoctrination of children'. It's why they hate any talk of 'bullying' legislation, its a wink/wink way to say let the queer kids get beat up - let them off themselves.

They are blood-thirsy with a smile.
This method is even older than the Nazis, yet the religious right continues to employ these tactics. David Bahati, 'Pastor' Martin Ssempa and their American Evangelical puppetmasters like Scott Lively & Rick Warren have David Cato's blood on their hands.

We have to fight for every inch of ground they try to take away.

Cato gave his life to stop Rolling Stone's Nazi-style propaganda machine, its gonna take the rest of us the stop the American Christian Taliban from further poisoning Africa.


May his soul rest in peace.
I've learned a lot from the comments on this post.

Mr. Kato your good works and death will not be in vain.

Kevin Perez

"However, people have to keep in mind that the current government of Uganda or some other homophopic african governments do NOT represent all of "AFRICA" or "THOSE AFRICANS" ..as some people on this board are putting it..It paints the whole african continent as Homophopic...which is ironically far from the truth..."

There maybe some validity to that....But unfortunately, that is never the case. South Africa, which has legalized same sex marriage for a while, is still plagued with homophobia and deep-rooted prejudice.

What other nations in Africa are "supportive" of the gheyz where a death sentence or imprisonment warrants.

Distant Lover

The apt comparison of the Holocaust was made in the comments earlier and the only way these vile cowards will be brought to justice is if still penalties are levied against the Ugandan government. Pres. Obama and Secretary of State Clinton can get the ball rolling. But high profile gay celebrities need to pump up the volume and expose and denounce these atrocities and demand that the Ugandan government stop this state sanctioned war on gays.
I know I'm hoping for a whole lot, but this madness must stop and stop now. Waiting for religious leaders or government officials to lead the way won't bring justice or change. The way the Jews got justice for the Holocaust is to use their considerable government and financial power to bring war criminals to justice and to expose the atrocities committed against their people. We should follow their lead, the question is will we?


May he rest in peace! He was a very courageous and great man! The situation in Uganda is beyond the word VILE! I can't even slightly comprehend the amount of evil and hatred being spread in this country!

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