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31 January 2011


Derrick from Philly

He wins the pairs all right. Gracious.




Double Dayumn


I know. I know. I really tried to focus on the routine. I really did, but his booty kept me transfixed. Good Lawd!


Yes daddy. Juicy!


Rod, why don’t you try to get an interview with him? That would be fun and enlightening.

Former COGIC

Good idea Jim.

Rod you should interview Robin. Aren't you headed back to Germany soon? I'd love to hear some of these European athletes talk about racism, sport and gay fans.


Gurls...she needs to move right out the way so I can get in the picture! lol....just playin', congrats on the win...Robin is so' nuff fine tho'! If i'm lying, i'm dying...


I agree. you should try to get an interview. At least we would get to enjoy the eye candy some more. He is yum yum

Black Pegasus

Sorry guys, he's phine, but if he's a European of Colour, chances are, he's probably into the WHITE Gals or Guys.. Black Europeans are not checkin for you nor your sisters...

*Reality Check*

Derrick from Philly

"Black Europeans are not checkin for you nor your sisters..."

Bring him on over here, Black Pegasus. We'll feed him full of corn bread, collards and candied yams. We'll git him. Feed him Soul Food. It worked on Boris Kodjoe, didn't it?


Nice BOOTY!!!!


"Black Europeans are not checkin for you nor your sisters"

Not true at all.

I'm a Black American living and working in Rome. Many Black Europeans are biracial and most have not been exposed to many other Blacks. They might be very attracted to Blacks but meet very few others.

And there are many differences between Blacks, ie Black European, African, Black American, biracial, West Indian, etc. You will find in UK and France, which have large numbers of Blacks, there are many Black-Black gay and straight couples. In countries like Italy, Germany, Poland, not so much.

And if I may say, I know many Black gay men in France, UK, Italia and Germany who read this blog because it is international and they can learn about other Black gay men.

Black Pegasus

@ Talarico

Thanks for your perspective. Obviously, we disagree. My limited exposure to European Blacks has shown me otherwise, but if what you're saying is true, I'm VERY PLEASED to hear it!

Black is Beautiful *All around the World* :)

Black Pegasus

@ Derrick from Philly LMAO!

Yeah, it certainly did work on Boris's big phine azz! I love Blacks from other countries. I find them intriguing and beautiful in both their appearance, and their natures.


Black Pegasus:

I am also black living in Europe (biracial Anglo and Tanzanian in London) and if I may comment. Talarico is spot-on with his commentary. It is problematic to try to describe all black Europeans. Many of us are proud of our heritage and ancestry and do not like being lumped together. Conversely, some of us feel that American blacks have many more advantages than us but squander them and do not value their heritage ... vis a vis, black on black crime, gangs, being apolitical etc..

Also, many of us have a more global or international background than many black Americans, so our lives, tastes and dislikes are different. It's a stretch to compare a black gay man in North Carolina who has never left the state to a black gay man in Paris, who may speak several languages, and lived in Mali and Senegal.

I read this blog and watch films and see that many black American gay men put a premium on dating within the race. So do I (black is beautiful!) but it is not always possible. And of course some prefer not to. But I see the same thing in the states. Some black Americans, gay and straight, do not date blacks. Does that make them any more or less black?

And re black American men who prefer other black men... if they are not out of closet, and do not mentor black gay youth, and never interested in politics, do not support gay rights ... are they "better" than black American men who are out, more active and political but date outside their race? I do not have an answer to that...

And please let me say I enjoy Rod 2.0 from London. Many of my friends read in London, Manchester and Edinburgh because it is not stereotypically black American (=thugs or down low), it is very well written and does actively cover black men in Europe and Africa. Rod, my friend Giles met you in Vienna at AIDS 2010 during your panel. You went to Vienna, Berlin and Copenhagen but ignored London. Please visit Britain!

Black Pegasus

@ Eaton1WB

Thank You so much for that entry! I'm always open to being educated about people and culture - namely, Black People and Culture :)

Again, I appreciate yours as well as Talarico's input, and I'm sorry if my comments appeared to paint with a broad brush..Certainly not my intention..


Black Pegasus, You do realize that many/most Europeans find black American men very sexually attractive? :) I would say that goes for many Black Euros as well. Straight and gay lol!


Talarico: If many/most Europeans find black American men very sexually attractive, why do so few black males (American or otherwise), appear on the runways and in the fashion campaigns?


"why do so few black males (American or otherwise), appear on the runways and in the fashion campaigns?"

Are you daft, sweety? Black models have historically fared much better in Milan and Paris than in NYC.

L'Uomo Vogue, Arena, Arena Homme are exploding with Black male models compared to GQ and Details. Lanvin, Armani, Emporio Armani, Versace and many brands had more color on their runways 2 weeks ago in Milan than many American brands had in NYCFW. And you must be new to this blog because Rod posts them all the time.

Givenchy used almost all black , Latino and multiracial male models(mostly American) in his show 2 weeks ago in Milan, which he has done for several years, also on posted on R20.

You really need to focus on the relative lack of color in Vogue and GQ in the US which is at least 25% Black and Latino. (How many Black women cover or are in Vogue?) Blacks make up possibly 1% or 2% of UK or France, much less in Italy, Germany or Spain. Expecting Audi or Armani to extensively use Black models in these markets is clueless.

I think the entire fashion industry can do a better job representing women and diversity. But you clearly don't read fashion magazines (or even this blog) if you think American brands and magazines are doing a great job with diversity and Europeans never feature Blacks. I see more Black and brown faces at Givenchy than I do at Abercrombie.

And what does any of this faux fashion police bs have to do with Robin Szolkowy? As another Black European said above, American Blacks all too often try to make everything about racism when it is not the case. Why not celebrate this beautiful man's accomplishments, than use his win to vent your racial and sexual psychodrama?


I am from the projects of SW DC, where I was only raised around Black people like me...yet, I knew that a world existed outside of my block. I wanted to go and find it. I wanted to be sure that my "smart" wasn't just Black people being nice smart, but that it would really hold up in the world.

It's why I wanted to go away to college, when everyone said YOU ARE GOING TO HOWARD, right? I just couldn't take the bus to college!

I wanted to go to a white school because I wanted to challenge the machine and the thinking from INSIDE THE HOUSE and it was empowering for me to say WOW, YOU PEOPLE ACTUALLY THINK LIKE THAT to a room full of white people/peers who would generally be the ones YOU PEOPLEing us.

I wanted to see Europe and so I got to spend a semester in London and it was AMAZING to be Black in Europe, where Italian men looked at me like a walking God, but were willing to have CONVERSATION about life and struggle and being Black in America and "white Americans and how limited they think." It was beautiful to see African and European and Middle Eastern and Asian men and have them see me not as the latest stories on the news, but as a person. And, yes, it was beautiful to meet a brother from Germany or Africa who was willing to engage in beautiful conversation and connection and ask WHY CAN'T I FIND A BEAUTIFUL BLACK MAN LIKE YOU HERE!? I would ask the same thing and it made me realize that I do exist in the world. It also made me realize that many of us LIMIT what we expect in our lives and from other people because of our own limitations. I know that we have put this same "HE AIN'T CHECKING FOR ME" on the brother with the body or the guy who's so handsome that we think he's smug so we play him that way so we don't get rejected and we find all of these ways to dismiss each other so that we don't have to get to know each other, but I know for a fact that because my upbringing in the 'hood put AUDACITY in me and the FEARLESSNESS of being me so that I fear no one but God that I have dated celebrities that I met during my time at BET because as much as others would back up, I step up! I have dated the most beautiful guy in the room because I got to know him and realized that we loved museums and great music and the same wine and shared the same favorite city and when others might have thought, when they saw us out, WHAT ARE THEY DOING TOGETHER, we never had to question it because we knew!

We've got to stop being so quick to dismiss and judge each other. That's what makes relationships so hard for SGL black men sometimes--we don't want to see each other as we are. I love my brothers and I am grateful to know some amazingly beautiful Black gay men whom I would date if we lived closer or if we were at the same spiritual plane in our lives or if they weren't so jaded by some of the choices that they made (which were really chances that they took with love. TRY AGAIN).

The brother is beautiful and I salute him as I salute each of you for the variety of ways that you show up in the world!

P.S. I love his block head. There's something about the shape of some black men's heads that's just perfection. That's my old 'hood barbershop thing, but I don't let it limit me:) <3

Derrick from Philly

@ "I would ask the same thing and it made me realize that I do exist in the world"

Great posting, RevKev. And a great ending to this discussion.

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