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18 January 2011



I LOVE THIS MAN FOR HIS ABILITY TO SHOW WHAT A MAN IS! I love that he will venture into the subject AT ANY TIME, not just when it's "appropriate" or even on "message."

He used this POWERFUL VENUE and this POIGNANT MOMENT to remind us ALL what Dr. King really stood for--ALL. PERIOD!

Enough said, Bernice! Now bring your bulldaggerness OUT OF THE CLOSET!


yeah, what REvKev said... couldn't have said it better. Thanks Charles- stay off the donuts, we need you around a lot longer.



Tim Lee

Brilliant - and yes, RevKev got it just right. There's nothing more powerful than a straight, elite athlete like Charles speaking against homophobia. That's because people know that he does not have an agenda, an ulterior motive - he's speaking from the heart (and what a big heart it is).


Ole boy always speaks his mind. I give him props for that. He never seems to shy away from saying what he wants. I have nothing but respect for this man. Continue to to do your thang Ole boy!!!


"I love the homosexuality people"

Only Charles can say that and get away with it, LOL!

God Bless you Charles! I love this man and he is a MAN!!


Yes Mr Barkley...Say it..and thank you!!

Distant Lover

Charles made me proud today. I usually cringe when he opens his mouth because the boy says what's on his mind, but he made me proud with this one. This made up for all the other gaffes he's made throughout his career. As for Ms. King, I know her Momma and her Daddy are ashamed that she's not living up to the "dream"


Berneice King is still in the closet???


Gotta love him and anyone who isn't afraid to be honest about their support.

Mel Smith

You gotta love Charles Barkley


Charles is so country-- you have to love a man who says "I love the homosexuality people" on national TV!!


I always find that individuals who speak/sprew the most venom about something seem to be dealing with their own issues...47 y.o., no kids, not in a relationship, and sprews venom on a certain subject...hmm. One day BK will have to deal with that issue.


I am so proud of Mr. Barkley it bring tears of joy happiness and respect.....As for Bernice she should stop fighting her real self.


Bravo Sir Charles!

alicia banks

i love cb!

i have been his fan ever since madonna said his sex skills made him god!...

all real men are cool with gays!



Another homophobe converted in the 21st century.... Progress people!!!

Honut Sinti

The Gays are making "happy claps" around their PCs. ;)

Roger Bernard

Wow...I'm glad he spoken up not just for the gay's but also for Human Rights for everyone period. If Martin Luther King was alive today I believe he would be fighting for the rights of those disenfranchised by discrimination regardless of orientation. I applaud his comments.

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