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21 January 2011



Reason #1 that I am not married:

The man of my dreams is draped in greatness in the City of Newark, but wrapped in heterosexual skin.

I love this man and the more we stand strong with allies like this, who we don't try to drag into scandal and stuff because we don't believe someone could be this affirming without having something in his closet, the more we will see the magnitude of love and support within our own communities instead of focusing on people who have no intention or heart for standing up for Justice. Period.

Dr. King said "INJUSTICE ANYWHERE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE!" Mayor Booker has really been doing the work to walk Newark into the Great City she was built to be and many never thought could happen with a BLACK MAN AT THE HELM, but HALLELUJAH, I believe he's working on a building and building on a work!

Bravo, Mayor Booker!


I am so proud of him and happy to see someone who looks like me do and say the things he does with great passion and humility at the same time. He will go down in history as one of the great BLACK politicians of my generation. I did not grow up in the KING era and my Grandmother and Aunts used to tell me things they saw happen that I must never allow as a black man and I think that is something that sticks with me to this day. Folks often ask me why do you call yourself "BLACK" as a handle and I tell them because BLACK is my favorite color, BLACK is my family, BLACK is my identity and more important, BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL IS ALL IT'S FORMS AND SHADES AND I AM PROUD TO BE A BLACK MAN. I love to hear positive messages from all colors of people and especially from BLACK MEN. We often get such a bad rap for everything and I will never apologize for my love of folks like Mayor Booker and all that have come before him.

Distant Lover

Cory Booker is so damn sexy! Some lucky woman is going to snatch him up. Looks, brains and a heart of gold! He's turning me into Sophie B. Hawkins! "Damn! I Wish I Qere Your Lover!'


We need more of him in this country. He certainly is doing more to continue MLK jr's legacy than that hateful Berniece.
Kudos Mayor Booker!


...he brought tears...!

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