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10 January 2011



It took me a second to figure out that she was previewing a recording and not singing or lip-syncing, which is kinda odd. Anyhoo, it sounds great. I am really looking forward to this release.


"Marsha previewed the track for the audience via MacBook. "

Did you skip that part, Soulbrotha? :)

And yes indeed, the cover is very nice, looking forward to the CD.


i really like the far away video and can't wait to buy the cd. and this is a cover of one of my favorite teena marie song's sounds very nice. i'm glad teena was pleased with marsha's version.


Marsha killed it...I can't wait to BUY this cd on February 22, 2010.


Yes Blake, I guess I did. Since it was in the very last sentence of the post, I must have scanned past it to get to the video. Thank you for pointing that out.

Distant Lover

Artists like Marsha Ambrosius restore my faith in the music business. Genuinely talented, authentic and soulful. In other words, people who actually DESERVE to be in the music business. Marsha Ambrosius continues to impress and she has been endorsed by not one but TWO legends in her career. Michael Jackson recorded her song Butterflies and now she has the late, great Lady T's blessing on the vocally challenging, melismatic "Yes Indeed"! Congratulations, Marsha! I hope to enjoy your music for a long time to come and please know that both Lady T and MJ are smiling down on you. Continue to be blessed and the same goes to you too, Rod!


I am so waiting for her CD to come out. I have pretty much given up on Music. I only listen to sports radio and NPR but Marsha Ambrosius is on a different level. I could see it when she was a part of Floetry, but now I really can see that she is one of only a few people out there that are really doing something different and artistic.


Dre, I agree. It is so important that we BUY this cd and show support for musicians and quality music.


Ditto FREELEO! Also support purchasing the singles as well.


Love where Marsha's going with things...but honestly, after this post caught my eye, it sent me STRAIGHT to the source material...no disrespect meant, but i'll get back to Marsha sometime later....Sang it Teena! And as my eyes begin to well up, I thank heaven that things like youtube, make me realize, that as culture moves forever forward, many times the jewell is in being able to reach back to the source material that inspired the current artist, whether it be music, fashion, literature, art, sports, politics, etc...

Reach back from time to time people, I guarantee you will find some amazingly pure things you may have never expected to discover, come to love or enjoy...

This is not meant to pit old against new mind you or make you feel as tho' you have to choose between one or the other, but instead to walk the bridge that is created from one to the next and to experience the wealth of that journey from one to the other...

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