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05 January 2011



Wow. Simply amazing and revolutionary. She is officially a pioneer and I love her for it.


I rarely look at videos but this was so powerful and affecting. Thank you for posting this.


This is truly deep and most real video i've seen in a long time. It really touched my heart!

Bruce E. Thompson

Am I dreaming? At 51 years and several relationships later, I finally get to see a reflection of what I had always wanted my relationship to look like to the world. Better yet, the man in a relationship with me would have been as proud, confident, and courageous as these young MEN in Marsha's video! It's 4:59 and I had just finished re-reading the article about ROD 2.0 in a magazine I just discovered called "SWERV" and your "new" blog. Thanks for giving me Marsha, your blog, and this stunning video.

B. E. Thompson
Contributing Author of the book, "Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude", author of gay writings, social justice advocate, psychotherapist, and college professor


Very touching!
I wish the mainstream media would play this video...
it would make a difference!

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