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17 January 2011



naked and yelling suggests some kind of psychosis... sad really

he was PHYNE


Thanks, Rod.

Andy Niable

Thanks for posting this, Rod.


I so appreciate Phill Wilson for his vigilance and his vehement conversation about HIV/AIDS! Thank you brother for keeping us on point and in conversation!!!!

I am really respect Mo'Nique for the ways that she continues to make Us a part of the community and the conversation she's involved in; it's great to see us so great in the audience and from the host, but I am really looking forward to the day that artists and authors from our community will be on the show and that's on Us not her. Get bios done, music recorded and books done and send them to "Our Show" (as Mo'Nique calls it). I am excited about 2011 and Moving Forward.

As for Elton, Just Bravo!

J Matt

Great post, as usual.

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