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07 January 2011



I am so glad this is getting a lot of positive response. I am really surprised because i just felt it was over too many people's head. they would see the two guys kissing and not get it. Maybe I am wrong.


I can't wait to get the full CD. I love the song and message as stated in an earlier post. It's about time for the GAY thing to stop being such a big Elephant in the room and people keep it moving because life it too short as it is and the hatred needs to stop period.

Honut Sinti



MDS, it's getting lots of hate on the black gossip blogs for it's homosexual content, many aren't able to grasp the story or the message - after two guys kiss they tune out.

THANKFULLY, the positive responses outweigh the negative, both in quantity and in my opinion, quality.

There are well thought out support messages, and vows to buy her album,..the negative comments trend toward banality, immaturity, cultural biases and the usual religious zealotry.

I cant stop watching the video, get into it in High Def at


I'm putting it on my ipod and watching it on the train for everyone to see!

Didtant Lover

I am so happy for Marsha. She is raising the bar and courageously putting a taboo subject right in our faces. I am also surprised at the positive press that she is receiving, deservedly so. But we all know that the right-wing, bible thumping fringe will have something to say. But this time, I am confident that the voices of reason will drown them out. Thanks Rod for your responsible journalism.


Oh Mercy Jesus, that was BEAUTIFUL. I am sitting here getting all teary. What a powerful video with a heartfelt song. LOVE IT!


Funny how a putting visual to song makes the song a whole lot better. This was an official song on Dec 8. It's a beautiful song but the messages in the video made it my year's hit. Thanks Marsha for this. You have opened up a dialogue that has been looked over for to long.


This video and it's powerful message is right on time! thank God for Marsha Ambrosius!

405 S

Love this video its so inspirational. Thank you Marsha!I cannot wait to but the CD.



Kevin Perez

Sorry if this sounds like rhetoric but gotta love how Miss Perry and Bow Wow, folks who don't support LGBT in any way and cater to homophobes, get multiple comments and attention mean while a artist that shows support for gay men of color is treated with crickets chirping in the background and very few comments.

Touching video, BTW, it was. Sad to see people are repulsed by two men of color embracing one another but not the tired, over-glorified thug image that seems to be admired.


Brilliant Marsha for standing up for us. I will also thank J records and sony for releasing that that track.


@ Kevin: I totally agree with you that there are always more comments supporting homophobes and closeted celebrities than people supporting our community. That a sad fact of life in our black gay/sgl community. But there were at least 30 comments in the first story about this video on Thursday.


I knew I liked her voice and anticipated the song would be good. When I watched the video, I had no idea what it would be about. However, watching it I went thru a range of emotions from happy to sad. To say it was awesome is an understatement. Marsha exemplifies what art should do, incite people to respond. Kudos to her and I hope others get the message.


Brilliant! She's just amazing.


a great song. the video is the cherry on the sundae


Excellent vid! Hope more will view it!

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