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22 February 2011


Mark N.

Yayyy for him. I think he is sexy. Something about him.


This man is completely revolting.

Whatever happened to the city that elected Harold Washington? Long gone, I guess.


I say good For Rahm & he deserves the chance to show what he can do since the people has fairly elected him, and yes i second Mark N. that there is something sexy about him.


He wants to be president one day. If he gets Chicago back on track, he will use that as a reason to run for president down the road. I hope he does get Chi-town back on track though. I wanted Carol to get a larger share of the vote, but people (all races) already decided Rahm could get things done (they believe) because of inside information, friends, hand in pots.

willa taylor

Not sure it's a landslide when less than 50% of the registered bother to vote.

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