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23 February 2011



I'll be Damn,,,he changed his mind!!!! unbelievable!!! fINALLY!!!!


Amazing News! Rod, you are always at the top of your game.


Bravo President Obama for not supporting DOMA that Clinton put in place (not sure what Bill was thinking at that time). And its good to see a President who can evolve on these issues and not be so Bull headed like we seen time & time again.


@ Quest:

"Bravo President Obama for not supporting DOMA that Clinton put in place (not sure what Bill was thinking at that time"

Clinton signed DOMA. There was no point in trying to veto the bill. It was passed by about 80+ PERCENT of Congress. Not sure what you think a veto treat would have accomplished if it was easily overriden by Congress.

It was that or a constitutional amendment. Take your pick.

And its not so much bravo but as Eric and Rod noted, a total 180 degree about face. The White House has said for 2yrs they were required to defend all laws. Rod (and many other gay activists and bloggers) said they were not if they believed laws were unconstitutional. And if memory serves, Rod and gay activists/bloggers were slammed by many folks, esp on this blog.

It's a great day to celebrate,but let's not rewrite history and pretend this was the plan all along.

And Quest, it doesn't sound like you were of voting age in 1996. If you were, you would remember it was a very hostile time for gays. If it was this hard to repeal DADT in 2011, you have no idea how radical Clinton appeared to Republicans and many Dems when he said gays should serve.


Ooops, meant veto THREAT, duh.


Quest: VP Biden also voted for DOMA. "Not sure what Joe was thinking at that time."

Per Wikipedia, "The bill was passed by Congress by a vote of 85–14 in the Senate[1] and a vote of 342–67."

You want to blame someone, blame Joe and almost the entire Congress. Only a handful of them opposed it.

As it's not about "evolving", it was a legal strategy.

I'm not at all surprised it's quiet in comments. Most black gay folks have sadly not cared about this issue. Many reflexively supported WH and attacked those who said WH did not "have" to defend every law. Now we see indeed the govt does not have to defend every law.

And as Kevjack said, Rod is on it with politics and news. And he also said all along Obama and DOJ could do this. Thanks.


I think the president is trying to put in places as many things as he can in case he becomes a one-term president. Granted most could be changed with the next president, but some things will be harder than others once the public becomes comfortable with the changes.
Most of the issues that the public and the legislature had trouble with (with regard to the lgbt community)have changed since Clinton was in office. Some republicans will fight just to fight, but as being seen in the WI union fight the public outcry can change some thoughts.


@ Dalton, in MY PERSONAL opinion it is still a step in the right direction for something initially meant to harm us than help. Therefor i will say Bravo for President Obama for making this decision no matter what the reason is for. And BTW one thing you are correct on is guessing I was nearly not of "voting age" back in 96 (sorry im not the oldest queen here) :)

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