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09 February 2011


Honut Sinti

Hair! Script! Scenery! Makeup! Wardrobe! Come on people. Chop! Chop! We got a fantasy to do here!

Later that evening...

Lets now turn to the hypocricy factor.

Former COGIC

Love how he describes himself as classy. ROFLOL

South Side

A married GOP congressman trolling Craiglist for punanny. And used his real name and email? Child please ...

King Drive

Wait, a Republican politician was trolling for WOMEN? I'm shocked!


Will they ever learn?


This sums up my reaction pretty succinctly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX7wtNOkuHo

He is kind of a hot daddy, though. I'd hit it. Too bad he's an antigay twerp. And, also, stupid to boot. Don't politicians know better than to cruise for sex online? With pictures? God.


If he resigned with "lightening speed" there is definitely more coming.

Bernie B

That is perhaps the best classic old school corn ball pose in the book ..."Look at these here guns" ...lol ... Did he think that pose would even faintly soak up panties ...lol ... What a nit wit ... What the hell with these guys? On Craigslist, wire tapping money from your account to cheap Jersey Shore hookers. I thought Republicans had CLASS AND MONEY ...LOL!!!!!!! .. Making us New Yawkers look like tacky hos ... Da nerve! lol


"He is kind of a hot daddy, though. I'd hit it."

So glad you are into average looking, bitch titted, saggy azzed anti-gay pale faces who cheat on their wives.

The pickings must be slim in Witchita. Oh well, more hot, well built brothas and papis for me. Carry on, my "daddy-lovin" snow queens. CARRY ON!



Uh, since when is "hot daddy" synonymous with Playgirl model? And acknowledgment of the bangability of one older white guy in good shape makes someone a snow queen? Wow, someone's projecting. And bitter. SMH.


"bangability of one older white guy"

Oh were you supposed to be ... the TOP?

Child please. A mess!


Ok, so first I read on some blog that a 19 year old dude broke into a store just to use their computer to jack off and the cops caught him pants around his ankle and all.......now I'm reading about a politician who posted a face and body shot of himself on Craigslist AND to top it all he is married.

Technology.......good for some.....but uber evil for others.....smh


The big story here is that the conservative Rethug was trying to hook up with a woman lol

Black Pegasus

LMAO with Sugah!

I agree with you wholeheartedly! Those Snow Hoes really get on my nerves! lol


At least Larry Craig kept it old school and didn't post pictures of himself on line....


This is TOO funny!

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