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08 February 2011



Clearly, this is a personal decision, I can't force any celebrity to come out more than I can my friend next door who's mother "doesn't know." I wish we could highlight more stories like this though, the relief, the celebration, the continued/renewed success, to inspire more high profile people to come out themselves.

More Neil Patrick Harris and Ricky Martin for everyone!


I really do love me some Ricky Martin. I have always found him to be thoughtful and poignant in his response to everything from world issues (like child trafficking to HIV/AIDS) and I am not at all surprised that he handled his own journey to coming out and being honest and open in his sexuality with the same thoughtful processing.

I am really moved, at a different level, that both he and Clay Aiken came out not for themselves but because they didn't want to be liars to the children that they had brought into the earth. If only all parents thought at that level.

Bravo to Ricky and I bought the book and I'm going to buy the cd this week. He deserves the success and he deserves to continue to have our support. We can't keep asking people to come out and then leave them alone--SUPPORT! Buy 2 copies of his cd and pass one on to a friend! That's what I am going to do (AND YES, I DO THAT FOR ALL OF THE ARTISTS I LOVE).

Feliciaciones Ricky! Tu sabes que te adoro con todo mi corazon!


I am a big Ricky Martin fan, and I am glad that he is getting the support. His interview on Oprah was great, and that just solidified my respect and adoration for the guy.


I'm happy for Ricky and the positive response that he received. His coming out perhaps makes coming out a little easier for other Latin gays and other minority LGBT.

Now if only somone in the Black community came out like Ricky. Someone with his level of popularity. That would be awesome. If a rapper of the caliber and image of say LL Cool J came out, that would be earth shattering.


never, never, never, happen in the black community. more than being attracted to other men, black men don't want to be seen as sensitive in any shape or form. ricky martin is obviously a sensitive loving human being and those kinds of positive traits are not coin of the realm for black men in the black community.

even black women seem to have no use for a truly kind, sensitive brother who just wants to love and be loved.

for some reason in the black community everything is like an extension of being in prison.

being a good guy is not valued in the black community. what does have a price above rubies is any thing that resembles a street thug or an exploitation pimp or a fool that is drunk with mad consumerism--things he can't afford which may or may not look good to someone else who is as equally shallow and soulless.

being a man who truly loves another man takes a lot of soul and fortunately courage. in the black community loving another brother takes a courageousness to which the cowardly majority will never rise especially if they happen to be a so-called black male celebrity.


Wow, Garon. . ., you need to get out more and experience the wide range of gay black men. but, if I may, you might want to tone down on the bitterness, they'll find it unappealing!!!

Lang B

I adore Ricky Martin. It's more our own community over the media why perhaps gay black celebs don't stand up/out. It is very difficult to change the thinking of a race that has always been vilified by media and ourselves. It would take a mass coming out of black celebs which is minutely possible but not any time soon.


How is Christian Chavez doing?

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