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23 February 2011



This is such a shame. R.I.P. When will we learn to stop the violence?

Distant Lover

The only way to stop the violence is for the transgendered to start packing heat and don't be afraid to use it.
Because 'law enforcement' sure as hell won't do it and society either doesn't care or figure 'they had it coming." The only problem with my solution is that if a transgendered woman did kill someone in self defense, they would try to put her under the jail. That's why LGBT organizations worldwide need to have funds available so that we can hire the best defense attorneys available. I figure that after we get the first 100 acquitted, that these murderous bullies will stop preying on transgendered women since they will pay with their lives and the madness will eventually stop. I'm just wishful thinking though. My heart goes out to her and her loved ones.

The other guy

Wow ... that is awful. I saw this story the other day.


Oh this world we live in!

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