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22 February 2011


Aamir Swag

God help that young boy...he has prison "buddy" written all over him. He looks like a male Megan Goode. I'm scared for him.

Former COGIC

"God help that young boy ... I'm scared for him."

You queens are a mess.

"Henry and Barnes face charges of first-degree murder, aggravated robbery and aggravated assault charges for stabbing the prominent pastor up to 29 times, taking ATM card and stealing his car."

How about some empathy for the man he beat, tied up and stabbed 29 times? You did read the post or any of the other articles? Or did you stop at his "male Megan Goode" face?






Sounds to me like the pastor was on the down low. The alcohol and marijuana don't help either.

But none of that is a reason why he should have been hurt or killed. It just shows that many of us are hurting on the inside.

And sadly typical the first comment called the murderer cute. That boy will probably slice you in a heartbeat for a few dollars.

Aamir Swag

I read the post in its entirety...I said a prayer for the victim and his family when I read the original report of the incident and my heart goes out to them. I believe this report is about those who commited the crime; and I feel a great amount of sadness when I hear that a young man has made a huge mistake that he will pay for for the rest of his life. I will say a prayer for those who don't have the same capacity.

Former COGIC

Aamir, driving through a red light could be a "mistake." Stabbing, torture, stealing a car, beating someone until they gave you their ATM pin code ... that's a mistake?

Sorry, but your only comments referenced his looks and the fact you were "scared for him". And if you even read the linked articles, you would see he will be segregated from adult prisoners. And by his own admission, he stabbed and beat someone, so I have no idea why you are "scared for him."

But nice to know you quietly and secretly prayed for the victim and his family BEFORE you made comments about the teen killers looks. ROFL @ "I'll say a prayer for" you too.

Dallas P

I spent time in Hamilton County Juvenile with Brendan Barnes

He is no "poor boy"

He is a manipulative murderer.

He has done alot more than what he has been charged with- just ask any guard at Juvie.

While i was there he put his waste all over the walls and ingested some. I couldn't make up something that sick.

From what Mr. Roddy at juvie mentioned he gave them alot of hell and is obviously seriously mentally ill.

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