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11 February 2011


405 S

this story really makes me smile


Now that's a mature young man! Kudos to moms for raising a wonderful person.

Honut Sinti

He is a beautiful son inside and outside.


Three cheers for New Jersey.

Now, if only its governor would catch up.


this is a wonderful story. as far as Dez Bryant is concerned he said he did not like his mother's sexual preference but that did not mean he did not love her still as his mother. I think people get upset too easily when people like Dez are not as unconditionally supportive as Kenneth is of his mother and her relationship.


It made me cry after reading the whole story what a beautiful young man. The man upstairs is on his side. His parents must be so very proud of him...just beautiful.

Zahraha Faried

I have had to sit back and hear quite alot from others about our family but the 1 thing I never hear about is how his father has been there his whole entire life never not once did he not be ther 4 hiis son! When is somebody going to ask the question about what is ur relationship with ur father!! how did he empact ur life. Kenneth Sr. has always taken on many diffrent things that have came his way reguarding his mother lifestyle his father has not only taken care of his son but also the son of her life mate. Waudda was in and out of the hospital because of the illness . her lifemate spent most of the time with her at the hospital day and night .So let it be said that He has always been there 4 his and others as well. carrol son . Peolple always think the worst about or inner city children but this is a diffrent tune HIS FATHER IS NOT JUST A DAD HE IS A FATHER WHO DID NOT JUST LEAVE WAUDDA TO RISE HIM BY HERSELF SO PLEASE STOP

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