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03 February 2011


Derrick from Philly

How did Maryland get to be so progressive over the last few decades? A bunch of educated folks moving in the state, I gues.

And Mr Brown certainly is handsome...has those presidential ears too. Move over in 2016 Cuomo and Clinton.

Former COGIC

Thank you very much Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown. Hopefully you can help pass this bill and defend it at the ballot box.

Love hearing about these progressive black straight allies. Because you almost never hear about them at the other gay blogs, which is why I visit here.

Byron in PGC

YES INDEED! We are so proud of our Lt Guv in PGC. I am so prayerful and hopeful that marriage will become a reality here!


Bravo, Lt. Governor Brown. My hometown DC and the DMV (District of Columbia; Maryland; Virginia) is looking more and more like a place where I want to return to do some major work. I am really prayerful about how I pastor in NJ and get home to DC and do more because things are looking amazing there!

This handsome, articulate, progressive brother is really forcing people to listen to what they are saying and not just responding to it. Re-read his response and note how he doesn't debate or defend his friends who are same-sex couples and families. He simply states, paraphrasing him, FROM MY EXPERIENCE, I DON'T UNDERSTAND THAT STATEMENT. It speaks to a man living a life of service and around/with people and not just observing. Bravo!

Rod Neville

He is so handsome!


Mr. Brown really is a wonderful person! I hope this really happens in Maryland!


I heart my Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown

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