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17 February 2011


Derrick from Philly

When Confederate troops captured White Union troops they usually sent them to prison camps. When they captured Black Union troops they tortured and mutilated them. And this man won't stand up against a group that wants to honor a traitor who helped create that inhumane policy toward captured Black Union soldiers. If anything, Forrest was guilty of what later became known as "crimes against humanity."

Amazing. The same state that produced William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, Richard Wright and Tennessee Williams could also produce some of the meanest crackas on the planet.

Oh, did I forget Elvis?


“I don’t go around denouncing people,” Barbour told The Associated Press.

OK. We can test that.

Let someone put forward a license plate commemorating Patrick Kelly, the famous black gay fashion designer who died of AIDS in 1990 and who was from Vicksburg. Then we’ll see.

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