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16 February 2011


Doug Cooper Spencer

Gay panic. Right-- panic of the truth about himself is more like it.

Nathan James

Anderson claims he was tripped out on cough syrup, but apparently, he was still lucid enough to wait for Starr to go to sleep, before carrying out his gruesome attack. Overkill of the sort seen here is usually indicative of extreme rage, and I would venture to guess that Anderson projected his rage onto Starr, because he couldn't deal with the truth of his own sexuality.

"I turned straight" again??? What's REALLY scary is, in the South, a jury might actually buy that.


The enemy is praying our young people. Please pray for out youth.


I O'D'ed on Nyquil and that's why I ate half a cake. Yeah, yeah, that's what I'll tell Weight Watchers. C' on folks!! Foolishness and chaos is all this is. I can't believe he said this stuff. I hope the jury puts him away!!!

He should have beat and whatever the gay out of himself, and not the person who he found his gayness with. It's not Starr's fault Anderson is gay. If he 'turned straight' again, why not just leave the premises? Go live elsewhere. If I had to choose between chopping someone up or simply moving out, I really, really, really believe I would just move out.

Please pray for the safety of our lgbt community. There are crazy azz people out there.


May Stephen Starr rest in piece. Anderson is an insane piece of s**t. Truly mortifying.


I have robo-tripped before. Homicidal thoughts did not enter my head. It was euphoric, and felt like an outer-body experience.

The gay panic is so passe.


We are in an insane world with people crazy people roaming freely.

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