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22 February 2011



Didn't you say last week that he'd lost a close friend? Kobe and Wall are *consoling* him! Giving him a...uh...shoulder to cry on as it were (along with a quick nipple tug)


There is something about Blake that is just so...... I can't even put my finger on it. I can't say he's fine, but he certainly has something going on and I like it!!


I hear you Isis. Blake can get it!

Honut Sinti

@ Isis. Here let me guide your hand. Feel it right there? You see when it's like that--all pliant and springy--we at the store call it Fresh Plucked and displaying peek symptoms of the Honey Dew Syndrome. Kobe knows where to shop. :)


i am loving me some blake griffin!
and these sports posts!


LOL @ reggieh

LOL^2 @ Honut Sinti


Agree with Isis...not cute but definitely has that magnetism. Like he would be a beast under the sheets :)

The other guy

I love Blake Griffin ... so so sexy in an unconventional way, as you all have said. This weekend was the first time in quite a few years I actually watched the Slam Dunk Contest and I enjoyed it.

Toddy English

ooooh yes baby! lol
Kobe is beautiful and so is Blake! This was the first time I've ever watched an All Star game and I will be doing so more in the future...lol


Kobe likes the milk chocolate!

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