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02 February 2011


South Side

"He’s 6’5″, he is a linebacker. He is an awesome physical presence and is just going to tear it apart here."


A mess, gurl. A mess.
You gonna be an actor star now, Madea? Sat down child sat down!


At 1st I screamed NOOOOO!! Then I said... maybe? I enjoyed his performances in the Why did I get married films, so there is potential. The fact that he is not directing it could be really interesting. I'll give him a chance.


I think he'll do a great job. He's a very good actor whether or not he's playing Medea. Only time will tell.

Rocky Hernandez

I'm sorry I don't think he is that great of an actor. And, its very hard for me to buy him as a heterosexual man in his own movies, so if he has any love scenes in this movie I seriously doubt he will be able to pull it off. And, that is not to say a gay man (I know he never said that he was gay!) can't play a straight man convincingly.


Perhaps I missed it, but why is Idris Elba out of this project? And of all the talented black and brown actors in and around Hollywood, why on earth did they pick Tyler Perry? Were Laz Alonso, Morris Chestnut, Derek Luke, LL Cool J, Alimi Ballard, Richard T. Jones, Harold Perrineau, Eamonn Walker, Gbengba Akinnagbe, Michael Ealy, Malik Yoba, etc. not available? Are they doing this primarily to bank on Perry's fame? He just is not a very good actor or director, though he is very successful. I'll give him that.


Im not personally a huge fan of Tyler's acting but don't dislike it either. And I highly doubt that Tyler was awarded this role entirely based upon anyone hoping to cash in on his own fan base since he previously played in the last Star Trek film which im sure his normal fan base didn't flock to see just because he was in it.

It may actually be possible that he got this role just by auditioning and putting in work like most other actors have to do.


JStheater, don't forget Anthony Mackie!


The man is an extremely talented performer and one hell of a hard worker, so this should be TERRIFIC! To all those who watched THE PARKERS way back when and thought Mo'Nique was a buffoon on that show...well, you now know WHO has the LAST laugh there!!!!


Excellent point Smith. I know I was certainly in the group that never thought Mo'Nique would ever have an Oscar. Now she does, and deservedly so.

Black Pegasus

@ jstheater

I concur with your points! Tyler Perry needs to sit his azz down somewhere and allow the other struggling Black Actors a chance to eat! Perry has already made millions as a self-made-entity, so why would he insert himself in ANY role that could easily be filled by a Black or Latino Actor.

I fill the same way about Will and Jada Smith using their power in Hollywood to insert their children into Block Buster Movie roles that could have gone to another young Black up-and-coming actor. These greedy attention whores need to sit down!

The LoveHater

Two words: "Set up."

The Truth

I agree with jstheater...How does one go from Idris Elba to Tyler perry. There is a vast spectrum of actors between the two.

Greg G

... And I highly doubt that Tyler was awarded this role entirely based upon anyone hoping to cash in on his own fan base ...

You sure sound like a big Tyler Perry fan, Quest. And you obviously didn't read the article. "Tyler Perry is a phenomenon. Tyler Perry is one of the most significant entertainers in all of media. He is a huge cross-media talent and presence"

... he previously played in the last Star Trek film ...

A very minor role, not star of Star Trek and not with a percentage of profits.

... It may actually be possible that he got this role just by auditioning and putting in work like most other actors have to do....

Tyler Perry auditioning? I doubt that very seriously. Even if he had, I doubt he could dramatically "act" stronger than Idris Elba. And Tyler's not really known as an "actor".

Tyler Perry is fabulously successful, and has employed many black actors, so some folks on this blog will give him a pass no matter what. But Tyler Perry's "acting", writing and directing have shown little range beyond emoting and hysterics. And there is nothing wrong with casting a star with a fanbase ... it's just insulting to pretend that isn't the case and the star "auditioned."

And TP has never been the lead in an action film, which are traditionally written for and marketed toward male audiences. Those he will need to bring in the theatre.


“I’m also curious to see how he would bring some heat and handle the physical demands ... and the likely female love interest, too.”

And how do we know Tyler Perry won’t be playing a gay action hero? After all, he sees himself as a groundbreaker.


What Greg G said. Morgan Freeman wouldn't have been my first choice either, after reading the books. But I enjoyed his performances. Not feeling this move at all.


Even though I don't really care for TP movies and Madea drives me crazy, I always give him credit b/c he's keeping a lot of black actors working. But I don't know about this. Seeing him in one of his many (all too similar) feel good church movies is one thing; seeing him as an action star is different. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt I guess....


Something doesn't smell right about this. The franchise reboot is developed around Idris Elba and he gets booted to get replaced by someone known mostly for acting in drag and not much else acting wise? Doesn't make sense.

Hollywood studios occasionally takes chances like with M'onique in Precious. But usually doesn't gamble on mainstream franchises like this. They're worth too much money. And, going with someone like Perry - not known for playing serious/action roles - is a gamble.

I have a feeling Mr. Perry pulled rank and stole this one from Elba somehow - maybe to change his image.


to an extent, i admire his hustle, and although i'm not the biggest tyler perry fan, i don't think he's a particularly awful actor, and he might just pull this off. BUT...

.... um... y'all... idris elba's good. NO, i mean, he's really good. like, he's denzel-russell crowe good. idris elba's one of the best and most admired actors on the english speaking screen. HOWEVER... it is what it is, and there are two silver linings.

idris just came off a golden globe nominated performance for playing a detective in his BBC mini-series, Luther, so maybe he won't be so typecast, and also...

...perhaps, by working closely with other directors, tyler can enhance his own abilities behind the camera.


I will be nice and not mention how I believe she got this role.

Anyway, I'm a big fan of Alex Cross and am quite disappointed in this casting. We'll see if she can pull it off but it's not looking good...


Oh Lord! I'm all for the action-hero stuff, but do we have to watch him try to make it with a woman? It just makes me uncomfortable every time he tries to do these scenes...


This should be interesting ... even if TP fails to impress, it'll be worth a good cringe. I reserve judgement until it comes out on Netflix. No way I'm paying my $12 to watch that in a theater.


@ Gred G, whether i sound like a fan or not is missing the point. I must have missed the email or memo that reminded us all gay black men are monolithic and I can't have my own opinion.

We can speculate all day about the reason one is out versus who is now replacing them in a role, but more than likely none of us really know. And Tyler, Idris, Laz Alonzo (my personal fave) or any other major black or latino actors with an extensive resume will be okay at the end of the day while moving on to there next project. I find it really counter productive to pit the few ppl of color on the big & small screens against each other when most people has nothing to say when white actors ect take over most of the prominent roles that will give us more changes to lead.

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