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04 February 2011



That was a really thoughtful moment.

Derrick from Philly

A very beautiful moment.

I argued with a friend last night about this kind of bullying gang attacks. He said this crap has always gone on--going back to the 1950s and before (and done by every racial/ethnic group). I argued that the ruthlessness seems worse recently and there seems to be no explanation (rival gangs, revenge, etc)--nothing explains it. Just cruelty.

There was another incident like this here in Philly about 4 years ago. A 12 year old Liberian immigrant was attacked by a gang of Black American boys. The two Black women who intervened couldn't get there quickly enough before the Liberian boy's head the sidewalk with the sound "of a hammer hitting the ground". He recovered for the most part but has some permanent brain damage.

Of course, his mother asked, "why?" I never remember hearing an explanation of why those teenage thugs did what they did. Maybe they just shrugged their shoulders and mumbled, "I don't know"

I wish every victim of violent bullying could have the kind of loving moment of support that Nadin received yesterday.


I saw this when it aired and was so moved that it made me mad to see that video of him being attacked. It also made me cry when Nadin broke down after seeing the players come on stage to support him. I also heard in Whoopi's voice her breakdown. I think that young man is going to grow up stronger than he already is and I pray he is very successful in his life starting now and for the future. I see how folks who are bullied are pushed to hurt themselves as a result of the schools not doing anything but telling the parents to just take kids home and keep them out of school. Iim just happy this had a happy ending and he did not get hurt or hurt himself after the incident. I hope the boys involved get punished severely within the law for the anguish and pain they caused in this case.


@ Derrick from Philly

Your absolutely right that bullying has always occurred and while it probably happens at the same proportions as it has in the past. It does indeed seem to be a more heinous form of bullying. Its has gone beyond harmless school yard teasing (not sure it was ever harmless)to become something that is more sinister. In many of these bullying incidents (campaigns of terror) they record and post their actions for all the world to see thus creating a greater sense of harm and torment to the victim. In times past a bullying victim at least had a place where his tormentors could not find him (home) where he could rest and regroup. However, now with facebook, youtube, etc. they have no place to be released from the grip of their tormentors.

To answer your question as to what has caused the rise and the cruelty involved in these incidents. Look around at reality shows, talk shows,and cable network news etc. Society has become increasingly welcoming of aggression and anger. In fact we provide an audience for it. These bully's want to be celebrities and that is why it has increased in cruelty. Our society rewards bad behavior.


Bullying has always gone on and it's always been wrong, it does seem to be getting more extreme now although that could just be because the media is finally paying attention to it. In any event I'm glad that there is a focus on stopping it now, kids shouldn't have to be hurt inside or out because some other kid is a jerk and was probably raised wrong.

We have far too many bad parents in this country, too many people that just have a kid because they weren't careful during sex, they have no clue on how to raise a kid and end up raising little monsters who have no moral compass. Just feeding a kid and buying their clothes isn't really raising them, you need to teach them right from wrong, the sad part is a lot of todays parents don't even know the difference between right and wrong.

I hope when someone sees a kid being bullied they step in, especially adults. This young guy from Philly was being attacked for what? like 30 min before someone got involved (thankfully she did) but I'd be shocked if she was the first person to see it happening. She has a good heart and more people need to stick up for each other.


Now that was LOVE!!


this was so moving. We need more like this. did not realize how short DeSean is.

Sekou  Abdullah

Derrick from Philly, your friend is correct. Bully is hold, but has been accepted because many people have believed that the victim is responsible for making people stop the bullying, especially males. That might explain why some people are reluctant to do anything about it since they still hold this view. We need to change the attitude that one is a victim of bullies because one is too weak to stop it, and it is the victim's fault because this is the age old thinking. Finally, it has been exposed by the media, but gang violence (from KKK to other types of gangs and impromptu mobs) has had a long history. The question is when will this society become civil enough to stop it.

Nathan James

Now that's positive TV with a real message! The View and Eagles Jackson, Herremans and Jackson deserve every praise for supporting little Nadin. I wish bullying had been as well-understood when I was growing up, as it is today. Back in the '70s, the bullies were the "normal, well-adjusted" kids, and I was the "disruptive element" for daring to fight back one day, when I couldn't take it any more.


That was beautiful TV yesterday. I wept for hours, off and off, just because I was reminded of how powerful it is when the Village comes together:

Nadin has loving parents.
Nadin a supportive sibling.
Nadin has concerned neighbors.
Nadin has involved (and evolved) community police.
Nadin has a voice that he's been empowered to use.

The school suggested that the mother simply keep him home and that is unacceptable. He is not the one to be kept at home.

I was proud of the way that DeSean Jackson dealt with Nadin's tears, too. He moved to be beside him and comfort him. He acknowledged him as brave and strong. I am proud of the man that Nadin is going to be because of the young man he already is in this incident.

It is a shame that 7 young black boys are going to go to jail because the first time someone put their hand on them it was probably to slap them and then next was to put handcuffs on them. Terrell, your point is SO right! Our society not only rewards bad behavior, we ignore it! KIM KARDASHIAN MADE A PORN TAPE AND GOT SUPERSTARDOM FOR IT!!!!!! It's ridiculous but we've stopped feeling in so many ways and that's why it's so powerful to be reminded of what it feels like to feel. When Nadin started crying when DeSean walked out, I lost it because it meant that Nadin doesn't have a voice in his head TELLING HIM WHAT A MAN IS OR ISN'T! He was surprised and happy and he cried and his sister jumped to be by his side!

Whoopi crying is what really wiped me out but the truth is that when he stood at the end, as a young man, to shake Barbara Walters' hand, I knew that this young man was special.

Thanks for posting this Rod2.0 because I posted about it all day yesterday. I think he's going to great things, starting now.

Tom Bardwell

Truly a tender, genuine television moment.


What a beautiful moment! I wish this brave and strong young man a lifetime of happiness from this point on!

Jim J

I cried. Wow I guess I have to take back everything I said about Jackson being a punk after he humiliated my Giants.

Distant Lover

This was a very special moment and I really hope that more benefactors show up and follow this young man throughout the course of his life and keep encouraging him to continue to be the courageous young man that he is. I certainly wish I had bilions of dollars at my disposal to pay for this young man's (and others like him gay or straight) college education through grad school and
see to it that their talents are used to stomp out the cowardly mob spirit that led to his bullying.
The laws are insufficient to deal with these vermin, but I am touched that DeSean and the other players were able to give this young man the recognition and praise that he so richly deserves. My hats off to Whoopi and the View. This almost makes up for D.L. Hughley's and Sherri Shephard's brain dead comments about the DL awhile back.


That was so sweet, that made me cry. Disean Jackson and the the other lineman could get it now,lol



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