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03 February 2011



PIMPIN' AIN'T EASY...and apparently it's not longer profitable. This stinks and reeks of every kind of chicanery!

I am not in a position to pass judgment over this man, but my God, how many ways can one man and one church be shaken and misused before someone will say NO! This is enough. The fact that this man is still in the pulpit must be a continuous pull on the spirits and hearts of its members.

I keep this church in prayer because there are people in there who found God there and peace there and some measure of empowerment there!


Still ly'n. He makes me sick. Always has. A true wolf in sheep's clothing.


He is a disgrace to the pulpit...and that chia pet on his head is too much...tick tok..eventually the congregation will WAKE UP...hopefully.


Can't he just sell a Bentley or his summer home and give the people back the money?


clearly dumber than previously thought. somebody needs to send him to school on the nature of unsecured investments. LOL....jackass.


Somebody get that wig off his head...


That’s just what I was thinking, FREELEO.

But I guess when you have been anointed by God, it wouldn’t please Him any to see you “sacrifice.”

Mike Fourth

They should withold their tithes until the amount they invested is accumulated.

chris w

He is a crook and many in his congregation are gullible to say the least.

alicia banks

this tree jumper for jesus gets bolder each day...dyam!!!

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