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21 February 2011


Andy Niable

Thanks for posting this, Rod.

Dallas Cowboy

Very nice. Go Kenyon!

Distant Lover

Beautiful news! Here is a true modern day hero. Rod, as always, you are the man!


Wow bigoted B.E.T never speaks of the gay community except when demonizing us so thank you B.e.t for finally throwing us a bone.

Maybe someday B.E.T will realize theres millions of young black gay men and create a show that caters to us but i guess i'm hoping for too much and i should just accept this and be happy. God Willing one day i'll see someone like me on B.E.T. someday


Thanks so much for re-posting, Rod! I totally hear peoples' shock that BET would honor someone from the LGBT community, and its equally worth noting that I've not seen any of the national LGBT orgs that would normally promote something like this as an LGBT win--announce it at all. Some of whom have staff I know are on QEJ's email list.

Mel Smith

Congrats to you Mr. Farrow. God bless and keep up the great work.


Work it out Kenyon! And Bravo to BET, I wonder what or who's brought about the change in their direction,..scripted shows, inclusive programming, could they be waking up? I'll give them some of my viewing time for the effort.

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