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24 February 2011



WOW. Speechless.


Is this really a shock? Did you guys not know this? Man.

Elton John isn't the only person who lacks scruples, though nothing takes the biscuit on all these hip hop and r n b stars.

Africa unite indeed! Just cause your black doesnt mean you should give a.....

And Eve was seeing the son of one of the dictators from Liberia. Nice.

Derrick from Philly

It appears that the Internet is a tyrant's 2nd worst enemy. The first is his own nation's population. You can't have a nation where the majority are living in poverty and you (the tyrant) flaunt your wealth in their faces. Eventually, they rise up and bring the whole motha' down. Maybe Sub-Sahara folks will eventually copy what's happening to their neighbors to the North.

They need a damn revolution in poor Camden New Jersey.


Unbelievable. Usher, Beyonce did you really need that blood money?


"Why should pop stars care if they're partying with dictators who order soldiers to spray crowds of unarmed people with machine guns? "They're getting paid," right?"

That says it all. Black folks, esp younger ones, will give an automatic pass to any celebrity and excuse their behavior by "They're getting paid."

While it is obvious these events happened before the current uprising, everyone in the world knew about Gaddafi's reputation in the 80s and 90s. And his sons have inherited his and reed and megalomania.

@ JBK: Of course they don't need the money but celebrities millionaires are almost always greedy for more. 2 million for one night's work? Please, they are probably trying to meet as many multi millionaire sons of dictators as they can.


I am a big Beyonce fan and I must say that this news has disappointed me, terribly.
Hopefully, this is the one big fuck up in her career that she will look back on and regret.


Like someone already said, this is no surprise. These pop-tarts go where the money is. But one day, people will rise up against the ruthless million and billionaires of this country as well. So their day is coming.

chris w

I agree with Derrick from Philly. Hopefully sub-Sahara Africans will get out their cellphones, log onto Youtube and Facebook, and rise up against those billionaire dictators down there.

DW Jazzlover

How much money do your really need?I think it is the ego gets in the way of what is right...The "Stars just show up where they are booked!Social responsibility is not part of their handlers education!!They just have not gotten to Rosa Parks,,,,,
Just my point of view...


I really hate to be the one always on speaking from the opposite point of view, but I never did very well with the whole group think mentality. Yes, a lot these mega performers named and some im sure who were conveniently not named should be pro-active about their money source and turn down some of these invitations. But Honestly, some people on the side lines may be currently working at companies that have CEO's & or upper mgt.., ect. that have ties to everything from taking away our communities rights, proof of racial discrimination, maybe pedophiles, shipping american jobs overseas to make there pockets fatter ect. Im curious to know how many returned or refuse paychecks from these morally corrupt people? Or maybe even ended employment with that very same company?


Actually, not all performers know what exactly is going on in foreign countries at all times. Some don't know any of the time. Their agents/managers say "there's this gig that pays $1 million in St. Barts (which is not Libyan, so no one is thinking it's for a dictator or or a ravaged country)do you want to do it?"

Sometimes the person paying doesn't want to be identified (as shown in this story because each brother was saying it was the other, because none of them wants to look like they're shelling out millions on entertainment while their country is going under). So the artist is told it's for a celebration or private birthday party. It looks legit from the outside, so they take the gig. I would also. It's just business then. Why would an artist dig for undercover info when a) that's what their agents/managers are for, b) you're told it's just a party (which they had done for people many times before) on a safe, quiet caribbean island.

This is for those artists and agents who really were kept in the dark, and just thought it was a regular gig. Shelling out millions for a gig is not a big deal. People do it in the Hamptons, Jersy, Manhattan, L.A, Chicago, and the ATL quite a lot. Dentists, other stars, barmitzpher (no idea how that's spelled, but know of very expensive these). It's not uncommon. Now for those who know all the info (hanging with known dictators and such) and perform and hang with them anyway, then that's really moral ineptitude.


@ Quest: Like minimum wage cashiers working at Walmart?

Beyoncé, Usher and Mariah Carey are not mere EMPLOYEES "working" for a controversial CEO. Taking a few MILLION dollars to sing for some dictator or their family is NOT the same as "working" in a factory or being an employee of outsourcing CEO. And it is a very insulting comparison to people who actually have to "work" for a living.

There is no group think here, Quest. People can say what they want. Your comments just always come across as ill informed. Defending a dictator who slaughters his own people and pays terrorists to bomb airline? And jails and tortures gays? Really? You like Usher that much? Ush has made his comments known about gays and they were not cute at all. No offense, but why not spend that energy defending or supporting people who support you.

DIVA makes an excellent point about vetting. Maybe the stars were never told who the gig was for. Maybe the handlers weren't. I doubt it, tho. Obviously someone should have said, You might want to think about it, this is the Qadafy (sp?) family, he is a dictator and connected with terrorism. But the sad truth is, even so, most celebs wouldnt care. A million dollars to sing a few songs? Pleeez.

Distant Lover

I remember when Stephanie Mills played Sun City in South Africa during the heat of Apartheid and after she realized the struggle that Black South Africans had, she regretted her decision. I'm going to give Beyonce and Usher the benefit of the doubt. Many entertainers reason that they are entertainers, not activists. But there is clearly right and wrong. However, if you refuse to perform because of the moral character of the government leaders, then you will not have many performances. That especially includes the good ole US of A.

Former COGIC

Distant Lover, good call on Sun City. But you're confusing issues.

Beyonce and Usher were paid out of the POCKET of the Qaddafi family. So they were entertainers ... entertaining dictators and terrorist financiers. That's more or less money from the treasury and oil pipelines. It was a personal, private party. It is NOT the same as performing a concert in Arizona or South Carolina during a boycott. And you know better.

FWIW, there was an economic boycott of South Africa to bring the fascist apartheid racist regime down. It eventually worked. Sun City was a sham fake 'country' created outside JoBurg to circumvent the boycott. Many American celebs performed at Sun City because the casinos and concerts offered more money and they could justify it by saying it technically wasn't SA.

You really don't do yourself any favors pretending Stephanie Mills (or Frank Sinatra, Elton John, Tina Turner, Dionne Warwick etc) had to be "educated" about apartheid. What (black) adult American did not know? They were being greedy.

Distant Lover

@Former COGIC, I stand corrected! Playing the Devil's Advocate to this crowd might get you lynched.
Good points though. When you have reach Beyonce's and Usher level of fame, you should have your pick of venues to play. To perform for a dictator's son is being a tad greedy.

Former COGIC

'When you have reach Beyonce's and Usher level of fame, you should have your pick of venues to play'


Distant, Please let me apologize, I came across a lil harsh. I think it's an important story, but not worth attacking any of these artists. Or dropping our support of them.

But I am so sure with all this bad publicity and Libya in the news, their sponsors and endorsements are not pleased. And will tell them too lol


@ Carlos, Your correct everyone including MYSELF can SAY WHAT THEY PLEASE. Im simply presenting another opinion as you are on the very same thread, you don't have to like it but you will respect it.

Now Yes Beyoncé, Usher and Mariah Carey have name association that can carry more weight than maybe the average worker, they are still "working" for there style of living and in the greater since are not top of the food chain when they are not CEO's of there own labels and do not report to themselves and or sign their own checks. BTW whether you like that artist or not, it is still classified as "work". Also at any point there was no support given to dictators obviously and certainly don't recall anyone including myself stating they like Usher so im not sure where you dreamed up that extra backstory from.

Chitown Kev

Ok, I am not one to defend celebrity asshattery but...

Up until the recent uprising in Libya, the MSM had been pushing the meme of the "kinder, gentler Qaddafi" for a number of years. I think that it's far more likely that Beyonce, Usher, and Mariah Carey and their peeps paid far more attention to the MSM than to confidential diplonatic cables.

So yeah, these stars probably care NOW and are kicking themselves in the a*s but their people probably also bought the hype that the MSM was selling about Qaddafi.

Greg G

>>>BTW whether you like that artist or not, it is still classified as "work"

Quest, you and I have to "work" to pay rent, buy food, etc. Beyonce has many millions of dollars. She did not have to this particular one night gig. It's not like she was starving. End of discussion.

That said, Kev, Diva and COGIC are probably right. Some in the media were claiming Qaddafi was kinder and gentler, although Wikileaks now shows the Obama admin and Secy Clinton were concerned. I dont Mariah or Beyonce too severely, but I do know that celebs looove money. $2 million for one night is huge. Bey can buy a lifetime supply of lacefronts and autotunes.

chris w.

@ Carlos. You said it much better than I could have. How can anyone equate a mere wage earner/employee to a multi-million dollar superstar like Beyonce or Usher. The wage earner has no choice. Beyonce and Usher are wealthy enough to say no to anyone they choose. Even if these stars are not as rich as we imagine them to be, they are still in positions of power.

Furthermore, even if these celebrities don't have the intellect or moral compass to make a humane choice, their money-grubbing managers should steer them away from such performances if for nothing else than the negative criticism of performing for a dictator.

Ten in My Timbz

Quest = Massive #FAIL

Sounds like you would be right at home at MediaTakeOut, Bossip, etc.


This was huge error in judgement. Whether Beyonce and others knew is neither there nor there. Maybe they will be more mindful in the future. I don't think its a call for us to boycott these entertainers, but just for the sake of discussion. I have no reason to believe that the artists named support or condone the violence happening, but they need to be careful about who they accept money from.


Maybe it was in their contracts they never know what they are signing have the time anyway...
Rich people love other rich people it's something poor people will NEVER understand. Money is the ultimate motivator and at somepoint it becomes a god.


I think that the group is being a little bit hard on the entertainers who preformed at these gigs. Before 3 weeks ago THE United States and the rest of the world was doing business with Qaddafi and many were making money and taking advantage of the situation as it stood. To be ragging on singers because they made more money in a night than most of you will in your lives seems to me a bit hard to believe. Let someone wag 2 million in your face to sing 4 songs and I bet most of you would be preforming for them today right after they came back from doing some of their oppressive business and if you say you would not I say your a lie.

Former COGIC

The stans on this thread are unreal.

Chris W and Carlos nail it.


Several thousand people are dead in Libya in past two weeks. And two years ago, more than a thousand were killed in another uprising. On Saturday the UN just voted to refer Qaddafi family to ICC (Intl Criminal Court) for war crimes. If Qaddafi's son is charged, I would not be surprised if Beyonce, Mariah and/or Usher were subpoeaned and/or forced to testify.

That is a little more extreme than "oppressive", dear. And you are quite trifling to assume people are upset only because these celbs make "more money in a night."

Trifling Beyonce stan.Have you ever commented here before? Do you care about gay teens who are bashed or killed? Or do you only comment on celebrity stories and defend mega rich celebrities?

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