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07 March 2011


Steve R


Account Deleted

I live in Worcester, MA! This is EXCITING NEWS! My best wishes to his new position.


This is great news. We are doing big things in Massachusetts! Bravo and congrats to the brilliant and handsome brotha.


Incredible news. Congratulations! I hope he will be instrumental in developing and leading a strong chapter of this still important civil rights organization.




Image control to central; 'Elect someone gay, black POST-STAT and you're 'covered' donors looove that -oh yeah; Make sure he's young and double his pay and perks and in 6-12 months get rid of him; think up an excuse, something cute, you know, something predictable and scandalous.


Congratulations Ravi Perry.


Since no one else mentioned it, I think it's a bonus that Mr. Perry is pretty easy on the eyes.


Also, he's a cutie!


Wow Troy. Who pee'd in your cornflakes?

Honut Sinti

OMG! He is the spitting image (just a little bigger) of someone who was very dear to me. He could be his son.

I wish him the very best in his political career.


Mel Smith

Excellent news. Congrats to Mr. Perry.

Distant Lover

MUch success to him!

Distant Lover

How come none of my professors were that fine and playing for our team too?
Rod, thank you!
I may have to go back and get my BA in POLI-SCI!


Exactly @ Distant Lover! Ravi Perry is my new crush, damn. Politically aware, accomplished, and fine? YES


Ummm...submits transfer application to Clark University with intention of majoring in Poli Sci...SWOOOON LOL. Congrats Ravi!

Greg G

This is beautiful. Much love and success to Professor Perry.


CONGRATS AS WELL!! Very happy to see that an important organization like the NAACP has representation that looks and can relate to me literally.


I am really excited about the mind and the mission of the beautiful brother!

Now, here's a sidebar statement, black people, black men, gay people, et al. WHAT DID WE MISS IN THE WATER IN MASSACHUSETTS?!?!? They've got full marriage! They've elected a brilliant black governor! They are making masterful strides in civil rights efforts! HELLO NYC! HELLO CALI! HELLO PEOPLE IN BIG CITIES "DOING BIG THINGS!" Somebody in Massachusetts needs to write a RALLYING CRY HANDBOOK, because like Kool Moe Dee (yes, I just aged myself and I don't care...LOL)...THEY GET THE JOB DONE!!!

Bravo to Professor (YES PROFESSOR!!!) Ravi Perry and the audacity of hope to take on a long-exhausted NAACP chapter and resuscitate it with fervor, vigor and a passion that is what birthed the NAACP's majestic legacy in the first place!!!!

Kudos & Accolades!


Um...he's hott!


@ Rev: You are so right. Cambridge, Mass, elected not one, but two consecutive black gay mayors, Kenneth Reeves and Denise Simmons. And Ken Reeves (who has always been my particular crush) was the first black openly gay man to be a mayor of any municipality in the country.

So is it the beans? The clams? The cabbage?

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