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23 March 2011



A lot of the countries that signed this resolution are known to be anti-gay. But the only thing this resolution says is you shouldn’t slaughter willy-nilly or unjustly imprison gay people. That ought not to be too radical, even for an anti-gay country. And it isn’t, for some.

But it is still too radical for many, many nations.

Here are some things I notice:

1. South and Central America have twenty countries, seventeen predominantly Catholic, and three mostly Protestant. Of the seventeen Catholic countries, all but one—Peru—signed this resolution. On the other hand, not a single one of the three Protestant countries signed it.

2. Not even Botswana, supposedly more progressive than any other sub-Saharan country outside of South Africa, could bring itself to sign this.

3. And Trinidad? Does it really support gay pogroms, too?

4. Only two mostly Muslim countries, both small—Bosnia and Albania—signed this resolution. Not even Turkey, trying to get into the EU, or Indonesia, supposedly moderate and traditionally gay-friendly, could be bothered to sign.

5. If Catholic-Communist Cuba could sign, why couldn’t Buddhist-Communist Vietnam and Laos?

6. And where are India, China, and Russia—over one-third of the world’s people? That is just sad!


Ditto Jim!!!

Mel Smith

boycott the hell out of all those nations who did not sign the UN statement on Gay rights.


Mmmm Dominicans. Yikes Mel, that's a lot of countries to boycott. Rather, I'll write to some to figure out where the apprehension lies in signing the declaration. Like Jim, I was dismayed that Trinidad didn't sign. However I'm not surprised, while you wont hear of pogroms like back@ss Jamaica, it still isn't generally accepted in Trinidad. I'd say TnT has a don't ask don't tell policy, which clearly isn't great, but it's more livable than the witch hunts you hear of in other island nations.

Rather than boycotting some of the more tolerant countries who may be on the fence, there needs to be more activism and awareness in those countries to spur social growth. However for Jamaica, China, and many of the African countries, I can't be bothered.

Once again, MMMM Dominicans. DR I'll be back this summer!


Rod I know you said several Caribbean countries have signed but where is my country Barbados which I'm disappointed that they didn't but i must agree like TnT we have a policy of don't ask and tell. Our policy here is we could careless if you are gay or not but we won't decriminalize it. Dominica and Dominican Republic are two separate countries and pronounce differently as well.


Yeh Garcia, I met a phoine dude from Dominica before (yo K where u at?),..but my heart lies with Dominican Republic,..though the demonym for both is Dominican, just pronounced differently like you said.

Rod Mc

Garcia: Dominica and the Dominican Republic signed the statement. Unfortunately Barbados and TnT did not. BTW, I will be in the Caribbean soon to report on LGBT issues. -RM


Costa Rica is known for its tolerance born of its Pura Vida philosophy - the statement is another step towards spreading this acceptance to all who visit.

- Tee

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