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11 March 2011



The *only* circumstances where I approve of outing someone is this circumstance. I'll be 100 here and say that I'm not out, myself, but I also don't disrespect anyone, bash anyone, or try to deny others the right to live as they please. Men like this guy, however, deserve to reap what they've sown.


What!?! Why does the thought of that old closeted queen and his doctor boyfriend going to jail have me hear cracking up. Disgusting hypocrites.




Great turn of events! Kruger deserves to be outed and convicted. What a scumbag!


wow a closeted dem for a change. Though I guess he is a DINO/Blue Dog
j/k. glad his hypocrisy has been exposed



You can hide your head, but your feet will show!!!


And, what's GANGSTA @Osiris, is that NO ONE OUTED HIM. The courts, in doing their job, simply stated facts. The state of their "relationship" came out in the ways that they co-mingle their monies and lives and were bilking people. Their actions outed them.

Chitown Kev


The whole matter of the outing was my question.

Surely I think that a number of New York A-Gays knew about this. Why didn't they say anything after Kruger's marriage vote (although they may have leaked that picture of him at a strip club to the papers).


Chitown, I think they did. I clicked the link in Rod's article and it mentioned that a group of gays picketed Kruger's house after his marriage vote and stated that he only voted that way to hide his own lifestyle.


Chitown/Osiris: Did you miss the last graph?: "Kruger has long been rumored to be a closet case. In December 2009, gay activists picketed Kruger's home after the marriage vote, claiming "he only voted against same-sex marriage to shield his own homosexuality."

It is also at the linked NYP report, but Rod clearly mentioned the Dec 2009 picketing then and now.


Yep. Thanks, Tristan.

Chitown Kev

@Osiris and Tristan

You didn't read what I said, it was very precise (the picture of Kruger at the strip club was released at about the time of that picket).

I'm not talking about "rumors."

I'm asking about what New York "A-List gays" knew for certain, I'm talking about what some members of the press most certainly had to KNOW and could more than likely substantiate (Michael Musto wouldn't have missed out on that juicy dish for all the world)


The mainstream media will not report "rumors" or allegations by the gay community against an anti-gay closet case like Kruger. Ironically, they will be quick to run with reports of other kinds of hypocrisy, but conservative closet cases almost always get a pass. Blogger Mike Rogers at blogactive and others have nudged the mainstream media toward seeing this properly as exposing hypocrisy and not as "outing" or invading someone's private life. Exposing the hypocrisy of politicians is a time-honored tradition of investigative journalism. Unfortunately, most of today's so-called journalists and their play-it-safe employers don't have the balls to go after creeps like Kruger.

chris malone

My question is for his live in boyfriend ... How could you be sucking his dick knowing he is voting against gay people's rights ?


@chris -- Read the articles. Turano (the boyfriend) had all the rights he needed. None of those votes were going to hurt him.

Joe B.

I missed this when it broke. Thanks.

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