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28 March 2011


Derrick from Philly

There should background music whenever Herman opens his idiot mouth to talk, "...Camptown racers sing this song, doodah-doodah...Oh,deeedooda day...oh, deeedooda day...."

Distant Lover

Yassa, Boss, We's ain't gonna elects no mo of them Muslims! Ain't that the truth? Just another shuck and jive, self hating, Uncle Ruckus acting coon! Scrub all you want, Mr. Cain, it doesn't come off!

fun run

Why does everyone hate them?


fun run...it's called deflection. People of lesser intelligence are easy to distract. Keep them focused on one thing and they will never notice Republicans ruining their lives right under their nose.


1, 2, 3, all together now....DOO DAHH...DOO DAHH....OH,DOO DAH DAY!



He hosts a radio show in Atlanta on one of the most conservative talk radio stations here. It's really very embarrassing. White people call into his show and worship the ground he walks on. He hasn't been on lately while he's pursuing his presidential election. I cannot say that I miss him (though is replacement is just as bad).

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