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09 March 2011


The other guy

Wow I have never even heard of a DC Raven chatline here before. Does anyone know how long that's been around? I thought with the advent of all the different Web sites that people had stopped using those. Scary.

Back in the day in my hometown there was a man killing guys he met on a phone line like that. They wound up shutting it down.

This horribly sad. It makes you take pause. I know I don't even use sites like A4A and BGC anymore. I'm too scared to.


Whats even more scary is if you do go against these so-called dating sites they claim their right to free speech and want no censorship or rules to places like the internet. Just remember -ALL kinds of life forms can own and manipulate a computer. Even when you want unsubscribe to these 'sites' they ignore and stalk you, yet whos' got the time or the energy to go after them?


The Other Guy, I stopped using them for the same reason. Its too much stress, there's too many predators waiting to rob, or kill men on these sites for me. I'll stick to face to face meetings in public places. Yeah, there's the same risk, but at least you can see ppl coming. On those chatlines and sites, you just don't know what you;re gonna get.

Jahlaune Hunt

This is sad. Lonliness is a mother! Thats what gets these ppl killed, Its really sad because no one should die in the streets. Regardless

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