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26 March 2011


Distant Lover

Lying, cowardly bastards! Good riddance! It's a damn shame it took two years and if I were the man they beat up, I would get the shadiest most ruthless lawyer and sue the pants off of the city, the police department, the chief of police, his mama, and the state.
I would own the state of Colorado!
I wish the victim the best!


I agree Distant Lover, I'd own that damn state when I got through with my civil suit, then again, it is only Colorado, so that's not saying much monetarily LOL.

GTFO ex-officers and don't come back. The Denver force is much better without you. This sends a strong message to police everywhere that this type of behavior will not go unpunished.

Hopefully these two clowns don't have families that have to suffer because of their actions, but then again, they weren't too concerned with that when they were beating the two victims.

Kudos Charles Garcia for the hard stance on police misconduct.

Black Pegasus

This happens more often than reported unfortunately. The New Orleans Police was recently cited in a 2yr investagation by the Justice Department that found the police were bias and bigoted towards Gay men and women. We know that these pigs don't care about people of color, so Gays are only on the lower pecking order according to these bastards.

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