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11 March 2011


Derrick from Philly

Justin is very courageous, and I hope and pray his eye and eye socket recover quickly.

When I think about Justin's attacker and those like him in communities all over this country the word that comes to mind is the famous title "Les Miserables".

Too many people who come from bad circumstances turn into bad people--but that is no excuse for savagery. Too many are black like Justin's attacker, but "Les Miserables" can come in any race, in any ethnicity. I hope the savage bastard who assaulted Justin is found, arrested, and faced with more serious criminal charges than he would have ever faced 20 years ago.

The inhuman beasts who laughed at Justin being attacked--and the store clerk who told Justin to leave...well, they will just remain "Les Miserables"; and their lives will be filled with drug addiction, violence, illiteracy, imprisonment, homelessness and breeding offspring who despise them: the Miserable.

Account Deleted

Freaking appalling and disgusting. As usual, shows how folks can be freaking assholes. I really can't describe what I feel anymore every time I read this type of crap and nobody do ANYTHING to help out.



The other guy

Wow. That is crazy. It's interesting because it seems like there has been an overall shift where this kind of thing is concerned. When I was in high school for example, if teasing or harassment was getting excessive people stepped in - especially if it was somebody black being teased by a white person. Now, it just seems like people don't care for each other at all ... Very sad.


There was no surveillance video?? COME ON!!

James M

OMG! I know This man!!! I worked with him during a movie, I cannot believe this!!!


There was a result of a survey released recently stating that society is more accepting of gay people. By some of the openness I see of gay people walking around openly holding hands and being affectionate in public and being on camera in the media it would appear that things have gotten better. However, the reality is shown through Rod 2.0 and other gay blog that homophobia is alive and well. This is a hate crime, you first have gay slurs hurled at you then you are hit in the eye, please! Bet they don't try that on gay military men (who will be coming out from the unbrella of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy). Follow through Justin so law enforcement won't sweep this under the rug! Be brave!


This is just so horrible. I hope Justin gets betters! That vile beast that assaulted him needs to be in jail!

Former COGIC

Justin, you are in our prayers. Bless you, be well and be safe. And thank you for calling attention to this awful and cruel incident.


Justin, wanted you to know that I saw your story here in detroit on fox 2 and my heart sank, you are a hero to many of us. I find it so difficult to understand the way people think, these hate people are just scum. I hope you get well soon, and they find these attackers soon. God Bless You

Distant Lover

I am so sick of this BS. I just wish we all could pack heat and let loose of these MF because I am tired! I'm sick and tired of people being targeted by these predatory losers and it being ignored by these morally bereft officials. the hate crime statute has done little to stop it and we can argue with politicians and lawyers day in and day out. We can rally and we can protest. But unless we protect ourselves by any means necessary, this will continue to happen. Justin, I feel for you little brother. I hope your heart heals just like your physical wounds will.


This is just AWFUL!

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